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SAP application development and integration

This platform incorporates business functionality, exposed as ready-to-use enterprise services and process components, through its enterprise services repository. It also provides an integrated platform of composition technologies for business processes, composing applications, and deploying solutions.

SAP NetWeaver is an open technology platform that unifies technology components in a single platform, reducing the need for custom integration and ensuring that mission-critical business processes are reliable, secure, and scalable.

SAP introduced NetWeaver to enable organizations to integrate their SAP and non-SAP solutions. Because NetWeaver supports both present and future SAP and non-SAP solutions, the platform is the center of a growing ecosystem of applications and services. The objective of describing this tool in this paper is to highlight its importance in building up the SAP environment.


SAP is evolving its solutions into service-oriented business applications based on NetWeaver, allowing SAP applications to integrate with non-SAP applications. For the first time, SAP is offering its platform for third-party development. Many independent software vendors are already building their applications on SAP NetWeaver.

Initially launched as an integration and application platform, SAP NetWeaver has evolved to become a composition platform, allowing model-based development to enhance open enterprise services that are delivered by SAP Business Suite applications. In 2006, SAP NetWeaver was enhanced to extend its use as a business process platform.

SAP NetWeaver reduces TCO across an organization’s IT landscape, freeing up the resources and enabling an organization to refocus on growth. Its components are integrated in a single platform and come preconfigured with applications, eliminating the need for many integration projects, reducing complexity, and speeding up implementation. The platform supports IT standardization and consolidation, so that companies can use existing IT investments, including both SAP and non-SAP systems.

NetWeaver is a web-based, cross-application platform that can be used to develop not only SAP applications but others as well. NetWeaver allows a developer to integrate information and processes from geographically dispersed locations using diverse technologies, including Microsoft .NET, IBM WebSphere®, and Oracle Java technologies.

NetWeaver has been tagged as a product that can help spur industry adoption of web services. Although web services are often seen as the development model of the future, the implementation rate has not been high, often because of competition and incompatibility among enabling products.


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NetWeaver can extend existing SAP solutions with your components in the following ways:

  • If you are starting from scratch, the Composite Application Framework can support the development of components that are specifically designed to run in the NetWeaver environment.
  • If the custom components have already been deployed in a .NET, J2EE, or WebSphere environment, NetWeaver is designed to support their migration to run in the Web Application Server.


HANA - In-Memory computing product vision

SAP HANA offers further functionalities in the data models whereby the derivation and processing of data are pushed down to very fast database functions. In conjunction with the parallel processing, this permanently eliminates the bottlenecks that affect classic data processing. SAP HANA makes data and results available to the applications (SAP’s own, third-party SAP or non-SAP applications) via a wide array of standard interfaces, thus ensuring seamless integration into the existing application landscape now and in the future.

As the development of SAP HANA involves short cycles, it is worth comparing present-day requirements with the plans for further development and the possibilities offered by SAP HANA and produce a business case on that basis. This can realistically only be done on a case by case basis, as it will be necessary to consider the individual company’s requirements, its licensing situation and the required hardware and the analysis of the potential benefits. Take advantage of our experience in this field.

The development of new applications frequently entails the need to access data from numerous SAP applications. HANA live from SAP provides a very good basis for this purpose. It makes content available at no extra cost and is an ideal starting point in many instances for developing new applications of one’s own thanks to its excellent documentation.


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SAP HANA will change your business for the better

Real-time operation, so that new requirements can be implemented very speedily. This demands a clear idea of the opportunities so that the appropriate prerequisites can be established.

In conclusion a look at where the development is heading

In future, it will become possible once again to run all applications (SAP ECC, SAP CRM, SAP BW, etc.) on one appliance and to work with one physical database. Does this prospect appeal to you too and encourage you to make your application landscape ready for the future. This could involve the following:

  • Initial or further development of BI Governance
  • Further development of Data Governance
  • A proof of concept for SAP HANA in your landscape


Enterprise components

The SAP NetWeaver component supports platform-independent web services, business applications, and standards-based development that enable you to use existing technology assets for web services-oriented solutions. All Enterprise Components described here run on top of SAP NetWeaver.

The components of NetWeaver are as follows:

- SAP NetWeaver Application Server Supports platform-independent web services, business applications, and standards-based development that enable you to use existing technology assets for web services-oriented solutions.

- SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Enables you to develop Java and composite applications from scratch and on top of existing services.

- SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator Enables you to integrate data from across the enterprise and transform it into practical, timely business information to drive sound decision-making.

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- SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Delivers open integration technologies that support process-centric collaboration across the extended value chain.

- SAP NetWeaver Mobile Provides a future-proof mobile runtime environment based on open and flexible technology standards and a powerful development environment for building integrated mobile solutions with native or browser-based user interfaces.

- SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Ensures cross-system data consistency and helps integrate business processes across the extended value chain.


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- SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search Provides unified real-time access to enterprise data and information.

- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Unifies the identity management and provides user access according to current business roles, and is also used to manage passwords with self-service capabilities and approval workflow.

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- SAP NetWeaver Visual Business Provides a user interface that visualizes data from SAP and external data sources on a single screen

- SAP NetWeaver Portal Unifies critical information and applications to give users role-based views that span the enterprise, enabling you to take full advantage of your information resources.

- SAP Gateway (formerly called Project Gateway) Provides connectivity between devices, environments and platforms to SAP software using market standards.

- SAP Single Sign On Integrates into existing authentication processes to work as single sign-on to enterprise applications, network security and digital signatures.

- SAP Decision Service Management Aims to simplify and accelerate the management of decision logic that is driving your applications processes.

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