SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)

As a manufacturer, you need to manage your business in real time. You need to be able to exchange information between manufacturing and supply networks - so you can respond quickly to changing customer demands. Implement SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) to integrate your facilities into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape to provide timely, accurate and consistent information from your facility.

SAP MII provides a direct connection between shop-floor systems and business operations. It ensures that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time - including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality.

The solution takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure, enabling you to deliver information securely over intranets, extranets, or the Internet without the need for modifications. So you achieve superior manufacturing performance while decreasing your total cost of ownership.

With SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence, you can reliably produce to target, with cost reductions and quality improvements that are above industry average. And you can link your enterprise processes and master data with manufacturing processes to run your business based on a single version of the truth. So you have the visibility, responsiveness, and performance you need to succeed.

Plan, design, construct, and administer an integrated end-to-end DW/BI solution - Guide

Administrating and Configuring SAP MII

  • User Management and WebAS Administration in SAP MII
  • System Management of SAP MII
    - System Administration
    - System Jobs
    - Scheduler
    - Schedule Editor
    - Active Session
    - Custom Attributes
    - Custom Attribute Mapping
    - Configurations
    - PDF Fonts
    - JDBC Drivers
    - Applet Debugging
  • Security Services in SAP MII
    - System Security
    - Data Access

Managing Manufacturing Plant Floor Integration with SAP MII

  • Data Servers: Connecting to the Manufacturing Plant Floor
    - DataSource Connector
    - IDBC Connector
    - IP21OLEDB Connector
    - InSQL Connector
    - OLAP Connector
    - Open Connector
    - OLEDB Connector
    - Simulator Connector
    - Universal Data Connector
    - Virtual Connector
    - Xacute Connector
  • Message Services: Synchronizing the Manufacturing Plant Floor with the Enterprise
    - Configuring the Message Listeners
    - Configuring the Processing Rules for Messages
    - Using the Message Monitor
    - Configuring and Using the Message Cleanup Rules


Laser Measuring Tools

Developing Composite Applications in SAP MII

  • Using the SAP MII Workbench
    - Layout
    - Content Organization and Management
    - Menu Items and Functionality
    - SAP MII Content Security
  • Configuring Query Templates
    - Data Source Configuration
    - General Configuration
    - Date Range Configuration
    - Parameters Configuration
    - Transformation Configuration
    - Security Configuration
  • Types of Query Templates
    - OLAPQuery
    - SQLQuery
    - TagQuery
    - XacuteQuery


Display Templates

  • iGrid
    - iGrid Configuration Tabs
    - iGrid Subtypes
  • iTicker
  • iChart
    - iChart Configuration Tabs
    - iChart Subtypes
  • iSPCChart
    - iSPCChart Configuration Tabs
    - iSPCChart Subtypes
    - SPC Analysis Using iSPCChart
  • iBrowser
  • iCommand
  • iCalendar

Business Logic Transactions

  • Logic, Tracing, and Miscellaneous Functions
    - Logic Action Blocks
    - Miscellaneous Functions Action Blocks
    - Logging Action Blocks
  • Working with XML
    - SAP xMII XML Output Action Blocks
    - XML Functions Action Blocks
    - Reference Documents Action Blocks
  • Connecting to the Enterprise Systems
    - Creating an SAP Server Alias
    - SAP JCo Interface Action Blocks
    - SAP JRA Interface Action Blocks
    - SAP ERP System Interface Action Blocks
    - Using SSO in JCo Action Blocks
    - SAP XI Action Blocks
    - Web Service
    - Message Services Action Blocks
    - Manufacturing Dashboards Action Blocks
  • Managing the Plant Data
    - Data Queries Action Blocks
    - Queuing Action Blocks
  • Charts, Animated Objects, and SQC Analysis
    - Charts Action Blocks
    - Quality Action Blocks
    - Dynamic Graphics Action Blocks
  • Web, Email, and File Handling
    - Web Action Blocks
    - Email Action Blocks
    - PDF Action Blocks
    - File I/O Action Blocks
  • Executing BLS Transactions


Fleet Management Software

Animated Objects

  • Configuring an Animated Object using the SAP MII
    - Select SVG Document
    - Properties
    - Calculated Properties
    - View SVG Document
  • Displaying Animated Objects

Web Scripting and Reports

  • Web Scripting
    - Common Applet Methods
    - Common Applet Properties
    - Common Applet Events
  • SAP MII Reports
  • Customizing Content for Mobile Devices
  • SAP MII Scripting
    - Displaying Data
    - Creating/Changing Data
    - Displaying Charts
    - Using the iBrowser
    - Displaying Animated Objects
  • Localizing the Web Content
  • Enterprise Portal Integration to the Enterprise
    - Using the SAP MII Portal
    - Using the SAP Enterprise Portal



Vankyo Leisure 510 Projector

Advanced Techniques for SAP MII Composite Application Development

  • Creating and Deploying a Custom Action Block
  • Using XPath Expressions in BLS Transactions
  • Creating Dynamic Queries Using JavaScript
    - Dynamically Specifying Selection Columns
    - Limiting Number of Rows of Data Returned
    - Filtering Data
    - Sorting Data
  • Executing a BAPI / RFC with a Table as an Input Parameter
  • Using Virtual Servers for Communication Between SAP MII Servers
  • Autobind and Session Variables in SAP MII
  • Dynamic Data Exchange Between SAP MII Web Pages
    - Methods of Passing Variables Between Pages
    - SAP MII Session Variables
    - SAP MII Reports
    - Weaving It All Together
  • Implementing Role-Based Access to SAP MII Web Pages
  • SAP MII Services: The Power Behind SAP MII
    - Admin Service
    - Scheduler Service
    - SystemInfo Service


Implementing SAP MII Composite Applications

  • Specifying and Designing SAP MII Composite Applications
    - Collecting Information Using a Pre-Implementation Questionnaire
    - Specifying the SAP MII Implementation Requirements
    - Designing the SAP MII Implementation Solutions
    - Best Practices for Developing SAP MII Solutions
  • Solution Architecture of SAP MII Implementations
    - Implementation Architecture of SAP MII
    - Application Architecture of SAP MII Composite Applications
  • Troubleshooting of SAP MII Composite Applications
  • Implementing ISA-95/B2MML in SAP MII
  • Implementation Scenarios of SAP MII in Manufacturing Industries
    - Simpler User Interface and Enterprise Integration
    - Plant Systems Integration and Manufacturing Dashboards
    - Enterprise Services for the Manufacturing Plant Floor

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a cost effective solution that uses available data, re-purposed with an integration platform to continue to provide relevant KPI information.

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