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Improve Your ERP Infrastructure performance and the core and supplementary business processes response time (back office or front office operations) with the Planning Framework on SAP HANA - Enterprise Support

SAP HANA breaks traditional database barriers by simplifying IT landscapes and eliminating the prefabrication of data.
  • Modernize IT with a streamlined, real-time data platform.
  • Define new possibilities by streamlining complexities for real-time responsiveness; informing actions with timely access to information; and
  • Unleashing innovation to transform how your business creates, perform, and connects.

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Planning the Core Business Processes, covers significant ERP business domains. This will optimize your applications and also provides enhancements for interoperability between your ERP applications and types of users. Its primary objective is to create a sound architecture and a highly extensible optimized implementation for the basic structure and behavior any ERP application delivering a solution in the selected application domains would require.

The planning Framework on SAP HANA will give independent software vendor partners the greatest leverage; they can implement a well-designed user interface, proprietary business rule algorithms, and regional requirements built on a solid foundation. However, the partners are free to jump in at any of the three levels depending on their needs.

SAP has taken on the challenge of mastering the tremendous growth in data volume of the past few years by developing the In-Memory technology for the analysis of large data volumes and the simultaneous reduction of IT costs.A



As a further development of the In-Memory technology, SAP has now introduced the SAP In-Memory appliance (SAP HANA).

Thanks to SAP HANA, large corporations can process large volumes of detailed data in order to analyze the course of business immediately after data generation.

The technologies applied to this effect (SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX)) are able to search for information in unstructured as well as structured data.)

Given the many successful installations, this application was then developed further into the BWA (Business Warehouse Accelerator). Thus, new application scenarios can now be illustrated with this technology. Approx. 6% of all productive SAP BW systems already work with this technology today.

Expectations towards performance and savings with regard to data model maintenance have been met.

The core elements of this technology are:

  • Data is memorized completely in the main storage unit
  • Data is saved in logical data columns
  • Data maintenance and processing run parallel
  • Parallel operation is scalable

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