Corporate performance management

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Driver based planning
  • Financial consolidations
  • Strategy management, balanced scorecards
  • Costing and profitability analysis

Embedded Analytics

Where licensee holds a valid package license for any of the below package(s), such package licenses will include the right for individuals licensed as SAP professional or limited professional users.

Packages that include embedded analytics limited use right:

  • SAP Transportation Management
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP Environment, Health and Safety
  • SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

Crystal Reports and Dashboards content embedded with such licensed package(s) and use the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, as delivered with such licensed package(s), solely to enable the viewing, interacting and refreshing of the Crystal Reports and Dashboards content embedded with such licensed package(s).

SAP Special Users

  • SAP Learning User
  • SAP E-Recruiting User
  • SAP Human Capital Performance Management User
  • SAP Manager Self-Service User
  • SAP Banking User
  • SAP Retail Store User
  • SAP Logistics User
  • SAP Shop Floor User
  • SAP Maintenance Worker User
  • SAP Engineering User
  • SAP Procurement Self-Service and Collaborator User
  • SAP Partner Channel User
  • SAP Solution Extension Limited User
  • SAP CRM User
  • SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Edition User
  • SAP Application Visualization User
  • SAP Application Standalone Visualization User
  • SAP Clinical System User
  • SAP Health Care User
  • Siemens User
  • SAP hybris cockpit

For avoidance of doubt, any other Use of the licensed package(s) requires an SAP Named User license, and any other use of the Crystal Reports, Dashboards or BI Platform will require a full use license for such software.

SAP Customer Relationship Management

Organizations must maintain a strong customer-centric focus to protect their market share while dealing with eroding customer loyalty, unpredictable demand, complexity, costs, uncertainty and risk. Many rely on innovative customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, enabled by SAP technology, to acquire, retain and enhance value to customers. Marketing is a major module provided by SAP CRM other than Sales and Service.

The SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application provides a platform for marketing, sales, and service professionals to obtain complete customer intelligence that they can use to effectively manage customers processes.

It enables multi-channel customer interactions, including mobile (tablets and smartphones), Internet, and social media, and offers a dedicated communications infrastructure that helps to connect all users anytime, anywhere.


SAP CRM User is a Named User only authorized to Use (excluding the right to make Modifications and/or Add-ons) CRM Software licensed under the Agreement (if any, the “Licensed CRM Software”).

An SAP CRM User may extract data from any data source into any Licensed CRM Software and/or push data out of any Licensed CRM Software into any data source provided Licensee has secured an appropriate license for all such data source(s) and such Use is otherwise in accord with the terms of the Agreement.

An additional SAP Named User License will not be required solely for the one-way extraction of data into Licensed CRM Software where the data source is Software (other than Licensed CRM Software) and/or third party software licensed under the Agreement.


SAP CRM provides different capabilities using which it is possible to implement various Marketing related business process.

These marketing capabilities can be easily customized in order to match with customer specific business processes. Also similar to other CRM modules marketing capabilities can be integrated with other CRM module capabilities and external systems.

Considering the importance of customer interaction all the SAP CRM marketing capabilities are well integrated with various kinds of, both inbound and outbound channels

SAP CRM Marketing analytics provides

  • robust set of analytic around the customer and products
  • it ranges from basic reporting to advanced analytics
  • predictive models/scores
  • optimization capabilities

Major SAP CRM Marketing capabilities

  • Segment and List Management capabilities are integrated through an easy to use graphical, interactive tool
  • With this tool SAP CRM marketing provides capabilities to import in external data like rented or purchased lists and create new customer attributes
  • Customizing settings for SAP CRM Marketing are integrated into transaction SPRO which could be accessed through the SAP GUI

Improve Your CRM Infrastructure performance and the core and supplementary business processes response time (back office or front office operations) with the Planning Framework on SAP HANA - Enterprise Support

Planning the Core Business Processes, covers significant CRM application domains. This will optimize your applications and also provides enhancements for interoperability between your CRM applications and types of users. Its primary objective is to create a sound architecture and a highly extensible optimized implementation for the basic structure and behavior any CRM application delivering a solution in the selected application domains would require.

The planning Framework on SAP HANA will give independent software vendor partners the greatest leverage; they can implement a well-designed user interface, proprietary business rule algorithms, and regional requirements built on a solid foundation. However, the partners are free to jump in at any of the three levels depending on their needs.

With SAP CRM you can view your marketing projects from three different perspectives

  • Marketing Calendar: For a certain time range it provides an overview of all marketing projects
  • Marketing Plan: Provides hierarchical view
  • Campaign automation: It offers Java applet-based process view

As part of the SAP CRM Marketing project we have Marketing Elements at Strategic Planning Level and operative Task / Level

  • At Strategic Planning Level it offers Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing plan is for planning a concrete marketing concept.
  • In a marketing plan it is possible to define the strategic goals like targeted market share, budget, etc.
  • Number of marketing elements is used to structure a marketing plan in form of a hierarchy.
  • Marketing Plan is a top-down allocation to brand, region and so on.
  • It is possible to assign one or more campaigns to each marketing plan.
  • As Operative Task it includes Campaign/Promotion.
  • Campaigns are to focus on operative doing.

In a campaign you can define:

  • Event characteristics like Dates, objectives, tactics, etc.
  • Execution parameters like products, prices and so on.
  • Intended audience as target group or customer segment.

Finally it includes Campaign Execution.

For a marketing plan or/and campaign, in the general data we have relevant type. This Type behaves as the controlling element in the marketing. It helps in defining appropriate objectives and tactics along with default attributes such as action profile or status profile. To control this, it is possible to define relationship between types, objectives, and tactics as part of SAP CRM Marketing customizing.

Default statuses for CRM Marketing

  • Created
  • Approved
  • Locked
  • Released

In the customizing it allows to define user statuses and assignment of these user statuses to the certain type (campaign type). It is the current marketing element status (or the combination of all statuses) that determines the business transaction which could be executed for a marketing element.

A marketing element has its own life cycle which begins when it is created and ends with its closure or cancellation. During this life cycle marketing element goes through several system statuses. Marketing organization is assigned in the General Data of marketing plan details and campaign details.

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The SAP Business One application, together with the Crystal Reports' offerings from the SAP Business- Objects' portfolio, delivers compelling reporting functionality and information access to small businesses. With these offerings, small businesses can get up-to-date intelligence to drive decision making.

SAP Business One delivers compelling reporting functionality and information access that allow you to get crucial insights into all parts of your business. Interactive drill-down functionality and a variety of presentation formats allow you to click through relevant data and get answers at any time.

Related products and license types

  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics Concurrent Session License
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics Concurrent Session license, ES
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics Concurrent Session license, SS
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics CS license 1st Year Maintenance, ES
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics CS license 1st Year Maintenance, SS
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics User license, Enterprise Suppot /ES
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics User license, Standard Support /SS
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics User license, 1st Year Maintenance /ES
  • SAP Crystal Server Analytics User license, 1st Year Maintenance /SS

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