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SAP Industry Applications, Professional Services

We pride ourselves in knowledge sharing techniques and negotiation expertise that serve the largest possible audience using the broadest range of systems (hardware and software platforms) and that the needs of users with special needs are considered. Indeed, the success of professional services is fueling shared knowledge between the public and private sector that goes deeper and wider than ever before. This is a significant move forward from the conventional contracts previously used in the world of business — especially when it comes to ensuring substantial savings, the adoption of new technologies and working practices.

The SAP Industry applications addresses the requirements of specific business processes for many industries by complementing the basic business processes common to all large enterprises.

The architecture and business functionality of the SAP Industry applications are a result of SAP in-depth understanding of industry-specific business requirements and the resulting business processes.

IPuzzlebiz Key Business Value Definitions for SAP Professional services : Lets define the SAP industry key value indicators, by interviewing key business users, depending on the size of your company, the scope of your applications, projects and the time available, that define the extension of the analysis. It is in practice, that we will define, who will get the attention, to discover the pain points in your business, to then find the value of the implementation.

As an example, you want to select from the Financial area the following key business users:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Corporate Controllers. etc

Example of key business values are:

  • Foundational - Information to Manage the Business
  • Competitive - Information as a Strategic Asset
  • Differentiating - Information to enable Innovation
  • Breakaway - Information as a Strategic differentiator. etc.

SAP Supplementary Applications and Service Extensions

The Supplementary Applications and Service Extensions support specialized business processes common to almost all industries. They deliver a short time to value, appeal to specialized business users, and offer a high degree of process flexibility. These applications can be plug-in into your SAP system as one add-on or can be installed on a new infrastructure.

There are more than 100 Supplementary Applications and Service Extensions. They can be divided by core applications, such as ERP and SCM, that are related to a industry segment, such as manufacturing, or they can just work together with any industry or application, such as Duet Enterprise software (Microsoft Office integration) and SAP Business One (SAP for Small Business).

The following sections describe the most common Supplementary Applications and Service Extensions

  • Duet Enterprise
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business All-In-One partner solutions

Big Savings to Be Gained in Operations and Maintenance Contracts

Thriving in the Face of Market Changes - When it comes to supply chain and logistics capabilities a lot can be achieved as a result of collaboration between the governments, public, private and third sectors. Perceptions about logistics are often far removed from the reality of what is happening on the ground. All too frequently, decisions are made based on assumptions that relate to traditional forms of logistics and supply chain services provision.

The IT equipment leasing contract management plan document includes a number of items such as requirements of maintenance delivery and performance.

If your company is interested to negotiate how to become an iPuzzlebiz client/partner or want to extend your real-world business handshake onto the hidden IT equipment leasing market, we are pleased to share our knowledge and enclose our latest catalog, prices and estimates, please register in to start the initial consultancy process.


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Key Implementation Values in SAP Professional Services at IPuzzlebiz

Implementation values are defined by the Information areas, from the Functional and technical perspectives. You need someone to define how you will measure from the technical point of view a successful implementation!


  • Accelerated Development Cycles
  • Flexibility to model and flexibility to scale the system architecture
  • Complexities of Data Integration
  • Risk to Implement
  • Direction of the Install Base
  • Time lines, costs to implement. etc.

The most common SAP Industry applications include:

SAP Aerospace and Defense

  • SAP Bulk Fuel Management
  • SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing

SAP for Consumer Products

  • SAP Apparel and Footwear
  • SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management, Global data synchronization option
  • SAP Trade Promotion Optimization
  • SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Fashion
  • SAP Allocation and Rescheduling Optimization

SAP for Oil and Gas

  • SAP for Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution

Energy and Natural Resources Industries: Thriving in the Face of Market Changes. iPuzzlebiz contracting services help in identifying and choosing selecting contract service providers by developing detailed requests for information or proposal, schedules to perform technical site visits and compliance audits, and reviewing proposals and other contractor-supplied material to support the selection of the most suitable solution for your project.

SAP Pricing and Costing for Utilities

  • SAP Asset Lifecycle Accounting
  • SAP Business Process Tracking for Utilities
  • SAP Customer Energy Management
  • SAP waste and recycling solutions by PROLOGA
  • SAP Smart Meter Analytics
  • SAP Energy Portfolio Management


SAP for Retail

  • SAP Customer Analytics for Retail
  • SAP Demand Management offerings
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment for Retail and Wholesale Distribution
  • SAP Promotion Management for Retail
  • SAP Point-of-Sale Base
  • SAP Point-of-Sale
  • SAP POS Data Management
  • SAP Workforce Management
  • SAP Fraud Watch

SAP for Defense and Security

  • SAP Military Data Exchange
  • SAP Defense MILSTRIP Purchasing
  • SAP Defense Command and Control by Systematic

SAP for Automotive Solutions

  • SAP Dealer Business Management

SAP for High Tech

  • SAP Solution Sales Configuration

SAP for Public Sector

  • SAP Document Builder
  • SAP Taxpayer online services
  • SAP Public Budget Formulation
  • SAP Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector by Palantir

SAP for Banking

  • SAP Bank Analyzer
  • SAP Capital Yield Tax Management
  • SAP Deposits Management
  • SAP Funding Management
  • SAP Price Optimization for Banking
  • SAP Payment Engine
  • SAP Connector to eBAgent
  • SAP Process Objects Builder
  • SAP Tax Classification and Reporting for FATCA
  • SAP Liquidity Risk Management

SAP for Insurance

  • SAP Policy Management
  • SAP Reinsurance Management
  • SAP Product and Quotation Management for Insurance

SAP for Engineering, Construction and Operations

  • SAP Common Area Maintenance Expense Recovery

SAP for Media

  • SAP Classified Advertising Management

SAP for Professional Services

  • SAP Multiresource Scheduling
  • SAP Commercial Project Management

SAP for Telecommunications

  • SAP for Telecommunications
  • SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute

SAP for Healthcare

  • E-Care Social Connect

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