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FastSensor, The first AI-powered, customer behavior tracking for indoor venues

An Artificial Intelligence driven, real-time experience tracking system (RTLS) and in-store, shopper analytics service based on a mobile device location.

FastSensor provides key insights into how customers physically interact with your business, from what areas or products they engage with to how often they return. On its own, this level of data and insights on your customers is very exciting. However, it becomes even more powerful when you combine the customer journey data with a broader understanding of the store operation such as purchase, loyalty data and customer sentiment data. It allows you to see your physical store operations holistically and, in a way never before possible.

FastSensor Product Details

A real-time experience tracking system (RET) and in-store analytics based on mobile devices location algorithm to monitor, analyze, visualize, and act on shoppers behavior in brick-and-mortar stores
  • attraction rate (aisle, shelf, sections)
  • new shoppers and return: loyalty
  • shoppers path and engagement areas
  • check-out line management, waiting time and abandons
  • empty-handed
  • layout effectiveness
  • in-store coupons

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Best For

Fashion retailers (clothing, apparel, shoes,...)
Car and motorcycle dealerships
Dining and QSR (quick service restaurants)
Public areas (hotels, exhibitions, ...)

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