GoToAssist Free Evaluation - Helpdesk and Support

Connect. Diagnose. Fix. When an issue crops up, you can jump into a support session instantly. Connect to the remote computer, see the screen and take control. GoToAssist makes it easy to identify and solve problems fast so you can keep your customers productive — and happy

Remote Support Module ($59/month - 1 technician, billed annually)
Provide unlimited live support – free for your customers; access up to 100 unattended machines per technician; multiple technicians can share access to all unattended machines

Service Desk Module ($39/month - 1 technician, billed annually)
Easily log and track incidents; manage changes, releases and configuration; build your knowledge base with every problem you manage

Target Customers

IT, Support, HelpDesk, Email and Phone Support

Target Market: Any/All
Customer Size: Enterprise, Medium, SMB
Licensing: Education, For-Profit, Government, Non-Profit
Ecosystem: Android, Apple's iOS, (app exchange)
Language: English (US), French, German, Spanish


  • Unlimited Live End-User Support
  • Unattended Computer Access
  • Two-Way Screen Share
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • File Transfer
  • Multi-Monitor Navigation
  • Multi-Session Support
  • Annotation Tools
  • Session Transfer
  • Invite to session
  • Shared Access
  • Session Recording
  • Reporting
  • Support from a device
  • Support to a device


  • Access and control end users' computers to resolve issues quickly. Transition from a call or chat to an online support session with just one click.
  • Support remote computers and servers without an end user present. Connect at any time to unattended machines.
  • Both your customers and your technicians can share their screen and give keyboard and mouse control.
  • Easily access your customer’s system information, including hardware and software configuration.
  • Securely send and receive files in a live or unattended support session, which is useful for applying patches, updates and more.
  • Easily switch or scroll between all of your customer’s monitors.
  • Host up to 8 sessions simultaneously per technician.
  • Draw, highlight and point to items on the customer’s screen.
  • Transfer remote support sessions to another team member.
  • Invite other team members to join your remote support sessions for quicker issue resolution.
  • Share access to unattended machines among team members.
  • Record active support and chat sessions for auditing and training.
  • Run reports on all support activity including customer name, notes, and session duration.
  • Deliver support using your iOS or Android device. Connect to computers, mobile devices and unattended machines to solve customers' issues.
  • Provide support to mobile devices. Screen share and remote control to provide faster resolution.
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