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Enterprise Information Management

Turn Big Data into a strategic asset with EIM software. With SAP enterprise information management (EIM) software, you can manage Big Data from a variety of sources, proactively govern data to ensure information is complete, and ultimately make smarter decisions.


  • SAP Data Services (Core)
  • SAP Information Steward (Core)
  • SAP Information Steward, add-on for multisource metadata integrators by MITI (Flat fee)

Related SAP offerings and other subjects to SAP EIM includes Information governance, Data migration and archiving, EIM portfolio, SAP HANA and Hadoop, Rapid-deployment solutions, SAP Data Services, SAP Master Data Governance, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP Information Steward, SAP Information Lifecycle Management ...


Big Data Courses

Effectively manage your data with the tools in SAP's EIM offerings

From SAP Data Services to the solutions like SAP Power Designer and SAP HANA Cloud Integration, you'll have the option to use all the different products are and manage how they work together.

  • Understand the big picture of SAP's EIM offerings
  • Get step-by-step instructions about the most common tasks in each EIM tool
  • SAP Power Designer and SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Find detailed information on SAP's different EIM solutions to learn what they can do for you. In addition, see real-world, practical examples of these tools in use. Get to know each EIM tool. Explore the steps you need to use the solutions for the most common tasks, and use the accompanying screenshots to make sure you're on track.

Download - SAP® Solutions for Enterprise Information Management, Run Better with Complete and Trusted Information


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Get business intelligence adoption quickly and affordably

iPuzzlebiz can also help the growth in the uptake of ERP and BI rapid-deployment solution in your line of business. This is due to several business needs:

  • Streamline and improve business processes
  • Better manage information systems expenditure
  • Meet competitive pressures to reduce costs
  • Increase responsiveness to customers and their needs
  • Integrate business processes
  • Provide a common platform and better data visibility
  • Use a strategic tool in moving toward eBusiness

The benefits expected from the implementation of BI rapid-deployment solutions vary from company to company and depend upon the company's level of ERP maturity. Lines of business interested in BI and processes that need adoption of rapid-deployment BI solutions includes Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, Executive Analytics, Human Capitcal Management Analytics, CRM Analytics, Track Analytic Data and Business Intelligence Analytics with Operational Data Provisioning.

Business intelligence solution adoption includes Business information Warehouse (BW), Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO), Customer Relationship Analytics (CRM AN) and Strategic Enterprise Management.


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