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When immersed in IT purchase strategy project planning; development and execution processes, there are different elements and requirements that are needed to be properly curated and put together to ensure the success of the project and the achievement of its goals and objectives.

Sample requirement checklist

  • Administration and Hosting
    • Design, Development, Integration, Hosting and Deployment of:
      • Web Applications and Systems
      • Custom Web System Administration Tools
      • Custom System-Level and Application-Level Scripting
      • Automated Web Monitoring and Reporting
      • Automated Web Data Collection and Transmission Systems
      • Self-Configuring Web Operating Environments
      • "Production" Web Applications, Systems and Environments
      • Staged Release Environments for Web Development, Test and Production
    • Freely Available, Open Source and GNU Project Software:
      • Integration and Customization of Open Source Tools into Production, Test and Development Environments.
      • Operating Environment Enhancements through the use of Open Source Tools.
      • Development and Technical Support for the use of Open Source and Free Software Tools.
    • Change Control and Release Versioning for Production/Development
  • Audits
    • Design Review / Code Review / Source Code Auditing.
    • Feasibility Study of Proposed Implementation.
    • Independent Audit of Project Design and Implementation.
    • Computer Security and Network/Internet Security Audit and Review.
  • Communications
    • Communications Related Development:
      • Protocols
      • Protocol Engines
      • Applications
      • Systems
    • Design of Applications and Systems which Communicate via:
      • Asynchronous RS-232 Serial Connections
      • Modems
      • Networks: LAN and WAN
      • Internet
      • Inter-Process Communications Methods
    • Communications Tuning: Configure Serial, Modem and Network Devices for:
      • Maximum Efficiency
      • Maximum Reliability
      • Maximum Throughput
      • Overall Performance
  • Data
    • Remote Data Collection Systems and Periodic Data Download.
    • Regularly Scheduled Data Transfers (Uploads/Downloads) via Asynchronous, Synchronous, LAN (Network) and WAN (Internet, Other) Communications.
    • Data Set Import, Export, Conversion, Extraction and Manipulation.
    • Data Set Analysis, Archiving, Charting and Reporting.
    • Log Analysis and Reporting (System, Application, Web/Email/Database Server, Security/Firewall, etc.).
    • System-to-System Transfer of Data via Defined File Formats and Protocols.
    • Development of Custom High-Speed Databases (100+ Million Records).
    • Database Definition, Design and Normalization.
    • Pattern Searching and Matching using Regular Expressions (Unix/Linux, Shell and Perl RegEx).
  • Design
    • Software and Systems Engineering, Architecture, Design, Development, Integration and Implementation.
    • Application Analysis, Programming, Implementation and Testing.
    • Application Design, Development and Integration.
    • Custom Software Development.
    • Data Structure Design, Inter-Relationships, Organization and Optimization.
    • Database Design and Layout.
    • Design, Development and Integration of:
      • Custom Software Tools
      • Custom System-Level and Application-Level Scripting
      • Existing Web Sites
    • Full Life-Cycle Product and System Design and Development.
  • Interfaces
    • Application Programming Interface (API) Definition and Development.
    • Cross-Language and Cross-Platform Interface Routines and Libraries.
    • Application and Protocol Proxy Gateways
    • Web Forms Processing CGI Interfaces
    • Cross-Platform Data Import/Export and Transfer Between Diverse Systems
  • Interoperability
    • Development for Designed-In Cross-Platform Connectivity and Interoperability.
  • Negotiations
    • Perform Systems Design, Planning and Technical Negotiations (APIs, Division of Tasks, File Formats, Interfaces, etc.) for/between Departments, Business Units and Companies.
    • Negotiate as an Authorized Representative for a Company, Business Unit or Departmental Group.
    • Negotiate as a Neutral Third Party between Companies, Business Units or Departmental Groups.
  • Performance
    • Design and Development of Optimized Systems and Systems Tuned for:
      • Maximum Efficiency
      • Maximum Execution Speed
      • Maximum Overall Performance
      • Maximum Reliability
      • Minimum Memory Requirements
    • Application Performance Enhancements, Re-Design for Performance.
    • Hardware/System Design and Optimization for Performance and Reliability.
      • Multi-Processing, SMP, HPC, Clusters, Disk Array, RAID, Fast-Wide SCSI, SATA, Accelerated I/O, etc.
  • Portability
    • Design and Development towards a goal of maximum portability.
    • Portability Enhancements, Re-Design for Portability.
    • Porting of Applications and Source Code Across Varied Platforms.
  • Networking
    • Design and Development of:
      • Multi-Threaded, Networked, Multi-User, Client/Server Applications.
      • Networked and Internet-Based Client/Server Systems.
  • Reliability
    • Design and Development of Systems for Maximum Reliability, Up-Time and Performance.
  • Security
    • Design and Development of Software Systems for use in Secure Environments.
    • Re-Design and Retrofit Software Systems to Implement Security Enhancements.
    • Design and Development of Software for use on Firewalls and Gateways.
  • Troubleshooting
    • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting.
    • Failure Analysis.
    • Problem Solving and Solutions.
    • Debugging and Correction of Malfunctioning Systems and Source Code.

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