iPuzzlebiz IT Equipment Leasing service will enable you to pay for financing and service in one total payment. For this you will continue to conclude two part leasing contract.

  • Part I: A leasing contract with our lease finance provider and
  • Part II: A service contract with iPuzzlebiz
  • Benefits includes:

    • Pay only one installment for equipment and services and receive everything from iPuzzlebiz as a single source.
    • Regular updates and maintenance will increase your operational reliability

    iPuzzlebiz offers the following:

    • Straightforward IT equipment leasing approach and rapid results
    • Long-term plan for transformation & an agile business leasing strategy
    • Technology shift advice and software license upgrade assistance
    • Pricing and products tailored to customer needs
    • Credibility discovery consultation

iPuzzlebiz credibility discovery evaluates and documents current customer environment (i.e. equipment, software, staff technical demand and usage, enterprise and standard support satisfaction levels, space for tangible and intangible change, speed of the growth) including business office equipment needed for an agile digitalization to land a technical leasing contract based upon the AGILITY needs and expectations of customer.

Protect your investment!

Leasing is an optimal source of financing for IT investments. Companies who would like to finance IT equipment often also need regular maintenance and/or recurring services. iPuzzlebiz simple and fast IT equipment leasing procedures enable rapid response to the changing needs of enterprise IT infrastructure, enabling cost effective management.

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