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iPuzzlebiz helps you customize the PureFlex solution framework for assessment the IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator and IBM Flex System solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. We will help you to develop the project road-map conform with the needs for the huge data volumes.

IBM PureFlex System combines advanced IBM storage hardware and storage management software to access data quickly, the "IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator" extends the traditional BW environment by crunching through terabytes of data in seconds.

SAP NetWeaver BW customers adopting the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator can expect radical improvements in query performance through sophisticated in-memory data compression and horizontal and vertical data partitioning, with near zero administrative overhead.


Customers who work with IBM and SAP can benefit from years of joint product development which allows our offerings to be integrated for easier implementation

IBM PureFlex™ System is an infrastructure system with expertise for sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize the infrastructure. It integrates service, storage, networking, virtualization, management and the expertise to manage those resources while also enabling clients to deploy tens of thousands x86 and UNIX applications into the environment.

Flex System Solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator

Rapid analytics of your SAP Business Warehouse—now powered by Flex System

Shipped with Intel Xeon processor-based servers, the Flex System™ Solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator offers users near real-time analytics when using SAP NetWeaver BW.

The Flex System Solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator crunches through terabytes of SAP NetWeaver BW data in a matter of seconds, without the need for dedicated database administrators building and maintaining pre-defined aggregates or spending valuable time on query performance-tuning.

IBM System Storage® products complement the solution with:

  • Fast and reliable access to large volumes of data, unleashing your compressed data and information assets.
  • Dedicated Fibre Channel attachment, delivering fast index updating and reducing general network I/O traffic for greater performance.
  • Robust systems with very high data integrity and fail-over capabilities for continuous operations.

iPuzzleBIz works with you prior to any IBM Hardware for SAP Software sales engagement where we pursue your request. You may indicate specific features, functionality, your current IT and business issues, e.g. consolidation, upgrading, replacing. cost reduction, staffing, etc. relevant to your project and choose among all the expert integrated infrastructure solutions and PureSystems offerings that apply to your current/future requirements.


Contact iPuzzlebiz to find out how you can provide a clear path to moving your BW on top of HANA:

- Faster query and analysis, decreased data latency, and accelerated Integrated Planning

- Lower TCO, reduced IT workloads, and faster response to business requests

- Access to all your data, increased business insight, and greater self service

- No changes to BW content, no need to retrain users, and security remains intact
Your SAP BW IT Team (Office of the CIO) may schedule an initial consultation to arrange a meeting. iPuzzlebiz also helps you customize the PureFlex solution framework for assessment the IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. We will help you to develop the project road-map conform with the needs for the huge data volumes.

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Looking for an affordable, flexible reward option?

SAP BW, The cornerstone of SAP's strategic Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions

For years companies wanting to manage large volumes of data and ensure the integrity of information have trusted SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW).

Solution Brief, Download - SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse: Powered by SAP HANA™

SAP has continually evolved SAP BW to ensure it provides a flexible foundation for enterprise data warehousing supporting data from SAP and third party source systems. Our comprehensive approach to managing information includes trusted business content, reliable data acquisition, lifecycle management and streamlined operations.

Now SAP has delivered the next stage of its data warehouse vision with the availability of SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA.

The availability of real-time information, synthesized in context, in easy and intuitive ways, so users inside and outside of your organization can take action in milliseconds not days, is fundamental.

But how much time, resource and expenditure are currently needed to manage your BW system today? What if an affordable, flexibly solution that can help improves data load, calculation, and query performance was available.

The performance improvements could help you gain competitive advantage through reduced data latency and increased availability of key information needed to make timely decisions.

Sales - Rewards focus area

- Effort creating reports
- Speed of creating reports
- Churn analysis

Finance - Rewards focus area

- Fast access to metrics
- Length of planning cycles
- External audit costs

Further Processes - Rewards focus area

- Profitability analysis
- Revenue assurance
- Stock overview

Business Intelligence - Rewards focus area

- Data loading effort
- Query performance
- Data loading speed

Infrastructure - Rewards focus area

- Database maintenance cost
- Database administration effort
- Hardware cost

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