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Condominium Web Design Services

Take control of your community resident's data with our secure resident ID App and website design for condominiums and communities

iPuzzlebiz understands that even though most condominium corporations have the desire to customize their website and tailor it to their specific community needs, they don't necessarily have the luxury of time to get it accomplished. That's where our Custom Design Services (CDS) come into play. We have created a series of packages that are available to our clients that lets them choose the level of customization they want for their site.

What our design packages offer is the ability to have specific features of a site customized for the community. A multitude of features can be customized (e.g., images added to the albums, site registration, announcements, calendar updates ...) for the condominium corporation depending on which Custom Design Package is purchased. Based on the community needs, resources, time at hand, they can choose to upgrade from the CondoStarter Package to any of the additional design packages listed below.

Artistic, Childlike, Elegant, Executive, Funky, Modern, Quaint or Retro.

CondoStarter Package

A 7-page custom designed Web Community site for the condominiums needing a basic online Web presence. CondoStarter package looks like an intranet environment (The apps and pages may be accessible to everyone or only registered members or registered members listed by the administrator)

Security is at the core of everything we do for your community

A member of the board of directors usually makes decision how to assign the permissions to access the resident data. Security staff often access the application within the READ ONLY mode while the property management staff may have the FULL permission as an administrator. A user with the full permission can add, delete, modify, import, export and query.

iPuzzlebiz provides real-time security logs data related to all the logins into the application including the Timestamp, IP and User ID.

The secure photo ID App is also empowered by a search functionality that makes a combination of any type of resident data criteria to be mixed in order to find desired search results in no time!


Payment Plans (CDN$)

Plan A: 1 CondoStarter Package - $ 79.00 /month + Initial Setup Fee $8000
Plan B: 3 to 10 CondoStarter Packages - $ 40.00 /month + Initial Setup Fee $4000 /per site
Plan C: +10 CondoStarter Packages - Negotiable


- The monthly charges will appear on your credit card statement as Web Hosting
- You have to apply for your own URL and register for a personalized address!
- Your user name and password will be needed to access your Web site management console
- Sign up page is hosted on a secure server. Your information is private and secure.
- Your Promotional code is only valid during signing up!
- iPuzzlebiz accept personal or corporate checks for the initial setup fee!
- For clients reside outside Canada, the CDN$ to US$ latest exchange rates will apply*
- Because the supply of hosting service is the U.S we only add 7% tax as GST for hosting
- The initial setup fee adds 13% GST/HST rate to charge
- Applying for a merchant account and payment gateway fees are separate
- Plan C is the best value for condo management companies!

* We can setup the payment plan in US$


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Unique Resident Data to be
stored in web based Photo
ID application

Photo ID
Attached files/documents - anything (up to 3)
Resident Status
Age (with ALERT)
Home Phone
Business Phone
Personal Email
Business Email
Mobile Phone
Occupied: Owner/Tenant
Lease Start Date
Lease Expiration Date (with ALERT)
Vehicle Description
Vehicle License Plate
Parking Spot
Parking Information
Locker Information
Locker Status
Parcel Permission
Permission to Enter the Suite
Emergency Contact
Fobs Infp up to 4
CEA Amount
CEA Last Amount
CEA Owed Amount (with ALERT)
CEA Note
CEA Status

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