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SAP SYBASE Replication Server Interoperability Options for IBM DB2

Replication Benefits

Replication's benefits revolve around performance, but there is also a benefit in terms of data durability guarantees.

Briefly, the reasons why you might choose to implement replication in your DB application are:

- Improve application reliability.
- Improve read performance.
- Improve transactional commit performance
- Improve data durability guarantee.

STD $14684.00
FYM STD $3068.00
ENT $14534.50
FYM ENT $3493.00


SAP SYBASE Replication Server Interoperability Options for Oracle
OPTION $17421.00
STD $17173.00
FYM STD $3589.00
ENT $16924.00
FYM ENT $4095.00


SAP HANA Special Offer

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4 instances of SAP HANA.
4 virtual machines.
1 IBM Power System.

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