Corporate Travel Management

We bring our clients the Concur’s travel and expense management solutions at an exclusive discount!

  • Concur® Expense - Get visibility. Automate everything.
  • Concur® Travel - Build the perfect business trip.
  • Concur® Invoice - Streamline, and simplify.
  • Concur for Mobile - Manage travel & expense, anywhere.

The free Concur mobile app complements our web-based solution, so you can manage your business travel and expenses from anywhere.

If you are interested to have our exclusive discounts and/or want to learn more about how you can bring your company an integrated travel and expense management process, please reach out to us. As always, we are here to help you optimize your business. >> Download Overview

If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring your company an integrated travel and expense management process, please reach out to us. As always, we are here to help you optimize your business.

Save time and money by automating your travel and expense process

With Concur, you can automate, manage and simplify your travel and expense process in one integrated system. We help you to meet your corporate travel challenge by providing comprehensive and personalized services at an acceptable cost.

Companies with an un-managed travel program

With Concur, all of your clients’ corporate travel booking options are addressed within one easy-to-use tool, resulting in less leakage in your travel management program and travel booked within policy.

Process 15+ expense reports per month and/or have employees who travel: T&E represents up to 10% of total operating expenses. Clients with an automated process can reduce out-of-policy expenses, improve compliance and deliver enhanced efficiency in a short amount of time.

Multinational organizations

Being able to deliver goods or services in another country means that your clients have to be able to support multiple currencies and multiple languages. It also means that they have to meet local regulatory requirements.

Companies lacking visibility into their T&E spend

Concur provides companies with complete visibility and reporting on what was booked and which charges were expensed. And with a three-way match between the credit card, itinerary information and e-receipts from vendors, your clients can proceed confidently, knowing their data is accurate.

Concur’s cloud-based solutions can integrate with your clients’ existing infrastructure, including Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Reduce costs: Reduce processing costs per expense report by as much as 83%*, cut back on unnecessary paper, and diminish expense report delinquency and error. Companies of every size and industry that do not automate the T&E process are prospects.

Streamline and simplify:
Reduce expense report processing time by 35%*. Reimburse employees up to 47%* faster, improving overall employee satisfaction.

Increase control and compliance:
Decrease errors and fraud, and reduce out-of-policy expenses. Improve compliance to corporate T&E policies by as much as 43%*, ensuring your employees book with preferred vendors.

Leverage global functionality:
Concur works beyond borders – supporting multiple languages and automatically calculating the currency exchange rate and value-added taxes (VAT) on international trips so your clients don’t have to.

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