Working together to provide best-of-breed solutions

The unique combination of our capabilities and our partners’ global reach and innovative technologies provides a compelling solution for our mutual target markets.

Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliance (such as global/local Independent Software Vendor (ISV)s, SIs and component manufacturers retailer/reseller, sponsorship and/or channel and/or promotional partners) allows our technology channel partners to generate a contract workflow for their foreign direct investment (FDI) services and /or entire stakeholder base.

iPuzzlebiz provides private label opportunities specific to your IT strategy consulting option needs.

We translate client's business goals into measurable initiatives that is meaningful to our technology partners, and then help to achieve those goals.

Private Label

iPuzzlebiz will provide a private labeled version of strategic alliance on the partner's consulting engineering firm and/ or FDI department. We will make our IT advisory consulting sessions available to companies that desire to provide FDI consulting with an integrated and powerful IT and IT outsourcing services. Find out more about iPuzzlebiz Patterns of Expertise - Build an Organization That’s Ready for Change.

We're looking for people that are extremely organized and are motivated to build a startup into a global business.

Persian Gulf Co Branding

Persian gulf co-branding partnership with iPuzzlebiz is designed to allow companies to provide all iPuzzlebiz IT advisory, contracting and technology partner services to their FDI department and /or stakeholder base. You will be presented with the joint offering via a specific partner "jump" consulting sessions that can be readily tailored to suit enterprise requirements for in-house workshops in Iranians shores of Persian Gulf and Mokran Coast.

Technology Partner

In order to provide the best service available and maintain our promise to provide an easy to use yet professional IT advisory and contracting services, iPuzzlebiz continues to pursue "best of breed" technology partners. Contact us and ask for the iPuzzlebiz IT and ICT Contract Type Sequencing - Business Plan.

iPuzzlebiz is an SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem (OE) member with additional authorization for SAP Mobile, SAP Analytics and SAP DB&T Sell Authorization

Empower your FDI and exporting process with reliable, customizable, robust and technology enabled leasing IT equipment contracts. Special promotions are available for a limited time.

Our partner solution advisor products, services and support are the reason why our partners are today's choice of top businesses worldwide, for greater FLEXIBILITY, CUSTOMER SATISFACION and PROFITABILITY that we can bring to your FDI and exporting process.

To find out how your business can benefit from iPuzzlebiz innovative partner solution advisor programs, check out types of partnerships available in
Microsoft Consultant, Transition Management

Consultant, Transition Management

Toronto, ON / Worldwide

Preparation and planning are the key elements to successful IT consultants wish to join the iPuzzlebiz Partner Transition Programs. We will ensure that each new IT consultant receives a comprehensive orientation.

Job description

The new Transition consultants will play a significant role in different projects and because an iterative approach is much more in tune with the way our Partner Programs Advisor progresses, recognizing it has a significant impact on their engagement, productivity, and retention with the ongoing teams at the Client site as part of their mandate. They will work as part of the implementation team and serves as the bridge between the implementation team and the ongoing production teams / clients.

Through a one-on-one relationship with the new consultants and a comprehensive orientation package, iPuzzlebiz will be able to establish a foundation for work within a specific project and assign resources from technology partners for new consultants to integrate into the work place. The transition consultant will own the successful delivery of high-quality implementations and on-going production support of client solutions. He will participate in client and vendor meetings to understand and document detailed solution requirements and specifications, as needed.

Transition Consultant works with the requirements gathering team to ensure that all business processes are consistent with the established standards and may participate in preparation of architectural change, solution design and technical specifications involved in technology transition model (TTM) process at client's sites. He will develop the preliminary management cost and control system (MCCS) specification of projects to clarify client systems specifications, evaluate work practices, and provide IT oriented solutions to enhance client's business processes and ensures a high level of organizational effectiveness through ongoing performance management, talent assessments, and personnel development.

Transition Consultant works with PMO and Operations to define and maintain standard project plans and may develop tools and methodologies to measure task progress and team competency.  he may help to identify, estimate and articulate the business value of the contract terms leading to a better acceptance technology model (TAM) goals, business agreements and maintenance fees. He drafts and submitted IT outsourcing contract / project plans for approval and responded to CIO and CFO requests, remotely or via telephone and e-mail to ensure audit and compliance requirements are being met by the methodology and delivered solutions. He will maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate.

He/She will collaborate with Operations Integration to determine scope and contents of on-going releases, annual enrollment and change requests to ensure open and effective lines of communication are maintained with the client in particular for the work undertaken by other consultants. Transition Consultant actively and consistently support all efforts to create efficiency and enhance the implementation experience through use of tools, methodology or skill sets.  he will be working with the project team, performs analysis on business requirements and ensures that appropriate processes and resources are in place prior to the ‘live’ date.

Please contact if your interested
to join the iPuzzlebiz Partner Solution Advisor Support - Transition Programs

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