Intellectual Property

IP is one of the key drivers to attract foreign direct investment and foster economic growth. Brand protection and innovation emerged as the two keywords that are associated with IP.

Our partners offer products, services and solutions which complement our contracting services portfolio to consult strategic plans for business core processes such as maintenance, installation and deployment, engineering, client interface, production and service delivery, logistics and supplier interface processes etc.

Intellectual Property Management and Governance - Realize what your organization should be doing to audit, measure, optimize, monetize and protect IP.

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During FDI deals, because the client's software, databases, trade secrets, trade-marks, processes and patents are accessed by the outsourcer to run the outsourced business, the parties must get started with the Intellectual Property, IP outsourcing layers, highlighting, innovation economy, international aspects, the management and governance principles.

Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Governance

As we move from the information to the innovation age, understanding intellectual property (IP) and how it is assessed, measured, monetized, monitored and protected has never been more essential for politicians, senior executives, business leaders and corporate directors.

What is Intellectual Property? What are the main types? Where do they reside in the corporation? What new issues do social media raise? What are the layers of IP in FDI arrangements? ... IP services provide business leaders, senior managers and corporate directors with the up-to-date knowledge and language they need to properly manage and govern intellectual property in their company / organization.


Business-to-business (B2B) services adhere to a business agreement, as defined collectively by one or more service provider with all required description documents - a service contract carries predefined information for identification, ownership and description of the software service, hardware device and of its functional and non-functional features, requirements, operations and methods

Generally it is the decision makers' judgement in assessing the probability of these, largely project related factors (eg., degree of difficulty, degree of hazard, uncertainty in estimate, competition, etc.), that dictates the final outcome environment, ie., loss, meet overheads, or profit.

The information collected by executives and senior managers is used in five ways:

  • To disseminate it to others
  • To develop value positions for the firm
  • To identify business problems and opportunities
  • To develop mental images - 'models' of how the organization and its environment function
  • To protect the Intellectual Property

Protecting Creativity Through Copyright

  • Importance of copyright
  • Traditional copyright protection for music, film, literature and performance entertainment
  • Copyright issues involving electronic media, software and databases
  • Copyright ownership and licensing issues
  • Creation, use, misuse and infringement of copyright within an organization

Negotiation Options

  • Intellectual Property Negotiation Options
  • How to perform System and service delivery Design and Project Planning
  • Technical Negotiations (Licensing Software, Hardware and Platform)
  • Technical Negotiations (Business Process Management and Service Architecture)
  • Technical Negotiations (IT Outsourcing options) 
  • Technical Negotiations (APIs, Division of Tasks, File Formats, Interfaces, etc.)
  • Technical Negotiations for/between Departments, Business Units and Companies
  • Negotiate as an Authorized Representative for a Company, Business Unit or Departmental Group
  • Negotiate as a Neutral Third Party between Companies, Business Units or Departmental Groups

Initial Consultation

To successfully develop an Agreement, we will need to have to create ratios relative to software and hardware intellectual property, productivity, quality, cost, documentation and/or lines of code (if custom software development is considered).

There are three main categories to define the key elements in any IT contract agreements:

  • Service: Usually defined as the manpower costs incurred by the company in the agreement.
  • Technical Data: The value assigned to the technical data being transferred.
  • Hardware: The value of all the hardware, to be included with in furtherance of the agreement.

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Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from desktop to data-centre infrastructure, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, IT outsourcing contracts including provision of assets and human resources, and organization IT transformation engineering.

In order to answer your inquiries, we are pleased to share our knowledge in areas of Intellectual Property and enclose our latest catalogue, prices and estimates, Offering an end-to-end technology solutions, our Partner Advisor Program maintains a wide services capability across multiple levels of consulting seniority.

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Yes. They are 7-digit numbers!

With the intent of providing a baseline of how IP (Intellectual Property) is perceived:

We would like to point out that how a holistic IP ecosystem will encourage business R&D and to emphasize the value of IP.

Bam, Persia

Variant names

  • Citadel of Bam
  • Citadel and City Walls of Bam
  • Arg-e Bam
  • Bam Citadel


1st, 3rd c.; rebuilt 16th c. and later; largely destroyed 26 December 2003 (earthquake)

Humanitarian Organizations in IRAN

IRCS is currently the country’s main humanitarian organization and one of the active members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

At present, most of the National Society’s activities are focussed on rendering relief services to the victims of natural and man-made disasters.

Other fields of the National Society’s activities cover the setup of medical and rehabilitation centres, production of medical supplies and medicines and the management of youth and volunteer affairs.

In rendering humanitarian services and introducing its activities to public, the IRCS structural components are as below:

- Relief and Rescue Organization

- Volunteers Organization

- Youth Organization

- Medical Procurement Organization

- Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation Division

- International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law Division

- Higher Educational Institute/ Education and Research Division

- Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Division

- Logistics and Human Resources Development Division

- Helal-Iran Textile Industries

- Hajj Pilgrimage Medical Centre

Intellectual Property in History and Evolution of Persian Carpets

Made in Iran

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