Two Tier ERP

Determine whether a two-tier ERP strategy is right for your organization.

Today, the best cloud-based ERP solutions will offer proven, prebuilt integration technology that enables master data synchronization, financial consolidation and business process coordination between the dual systems. Benefits of a Two-Tier ERP Approach:

  • Lower Capital and Ongoing IT Costs and Greater Operational Efficiency and Visibility.
  • Increased Speed and Flexibility and Support for Regulatory and Geographic Requirements.

Two-tier ERP is a business and technology strategy that enables organizations to keep their investment in existing ERP systems such as SAP at the corporate level, while empowering subsidiaries and divisions to innovate with a second ERP system that gives them more agility and better total cost of ownership.

Given today's economy, tight budgets and scarce internal resources, companies require a sound cost justification for transitioning to a two-tier model. The following situations will almost always provide a positive return on investment (ROI) for transitioning to a two-tier ERP model:

In-memory CRM
S4/HANA Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid model

  • Expiring support contracts for customized systems: For example, a heavily customized SAP system in place at satellites is multiple versions behind. Need to upgrade to newer version.
  • Acquired subsidiary: An acquisitions resulted in multiple ERP systems, including legacy and homegrown. Maintenance costs are very high. Need to retire such systems and migrate off them.
  • Divisional spin-off: Plans to spin off a division requiring the new division to be on a separate system to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Independent business unit: A business unit has a very different go-to-market than the rest of the company. Imposing the corporate system on this division may not work well without extensive customization to the SAP installation.
  • Should migrate this business unit to a separate system
  • Need to Make Adjustments to Existing Technology
  • Hands-on online tools to Enterprise Business Intelligence to see how quickly business intelligence in the cloud is gathering momentum to reduce costs and develop solutions faster

For example, consider SAP ECC: Businesses are looking for a software product that handles all the companies needs, from inventory management, invoicing customers, sales and distribution and controlling the whole business planning in one module. This need from businesses lead to the development of SAP Enterprise Central Component system. SAP ECC offers the opportunity to integrate all software data programs by all departments by using one single database. This has many benefits as there is no duplicated data in several independent systems that need attention.

Leveraging security expertise and investments by cloud service providers

Evaluating cloud service providers and creating a secure BI cloud environment: Creating a secure BI environment requires significant expertise as well as investments in highly specialized hardware, software and process control.

With the adoption of cloud-based solutions on the rise, organizations are relying on cloud service providers to deliver highly secure environments instead of having to build them out themselves. The challenge surrounding security in this new era of cloud-based solutions translates into the ability of organizations to conduct thorough assessments of a vendors security controls and processes.

Integration between the cloud solution and corporate ERP instance is also essential for success

A two-tier model, with a cloud-based ERP solution in place at satellites that integrates with a corporate SAP or other ERP system, has also emerged as a compelling option.

A satellite running a cloud business management solution can either be autonomous and decentralized, or can share services with the parent running SAP or another ERP system.  If the satellite is autonomous, it runs all of its operations on the cloud ERP solution, but shares some master data with the corporate office.

In addition, it typically sends consolidated operational and financial information to the SAP system at the corporate/parent divisional level.

IT Sales Engineering Boundary at iPuzzlebiz

Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from desktop to data-centre infrastructure, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, IT outsourcing contracts including provision of assets and human resources, and organization IT transformation engineering.

iPuzzlebiz introduce you a service provider in respect to the quality of services needed for deployment of a two-tier ERP system, software license, and leasing equipment contracts.

On-demand On-premise Integrated Business Management

Imagine the power of managing all of your business processes and data in one system over the internet, providing you complete real-time visibility of your customer and across your organization. Integrating your accounts and financial management, customer relationship management (CRM) and ecommerce, we offer a single view of the organization ensuring your people have access to the right information at the right time.

Main Benefits

  • Real-time business intelligence - personalized for every employee
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors with one integrate suite
  • 360 view of customers across sales, marketing, service and finance meaning all employees have consistent and accurate information
  • Reduces IT costs by 50%+ as there is no on premise server to own and manage
  • Save valuable time with automatic upgrades, ensuring you are on the latest version and means you never have to go through the pain of upgrading again
  • Access critical business information anytime, anywhere via a web browser or mobile device

All-in-one Integrated Business Management

Going public in today's economy requires that a company be beyond reproach in every aspect of its business, from its record-keeping to its IT operations. "Traditional" software applications require most configurations to be done using specialized coding languages previously offered by VARs at hundreds of dollars per hour.

Consultants familiar with On-demand On-premise, Integrated Business Management can now provide these types of services on an on-going basis without being certified in esoteric programming languages!

No matter where your company is located worldwide, iPuzzlebiz IT Consulting will optimize your IT contract to have:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Accounting and ERP (1 and/or 2 tiers)
  • e-commerce and Websites
  • Customer Support Module
  • On-line Marketing Tools
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Dealer/Partner Management and Project Management with Time and Billing Retail Management.

Configuration will be done using a "click-not-code" process that allows anyone with a good knowledge of the software to create/modify roles, reports, basic workflows, and other aspects of the software.

To understand the knowledge needed by Modeling and Estimating a large-scale IT Contract, you may need to know more about On-demand On-premise Integrated Business Management Investment Strategy:

System Requirements for two-tier ERP Strategy

  • master data synchronization
  • financial consolidation and business process coordination between the dual systems
  • Investment in existing ERP systems such as SAP at the corporate level while empowering subsidiaries and divisions to innovate with a second ERP system

Integrated Accounting and ERP Trends

  • Integration across common ERP data types
  • Aggregate financial reporting with external systems such as SAP, Transparency and streamlines financial close

Workflow and Collaboration

  • Dealer/Partner Management
  • Project Management with Time and Billing
  • Retail Management

Customer Support Module

  • Perform your own required customization and integration such as creating new interfaces
  • Integrate external data
  • Build custom sites connected to the back end supported with eCommerce
  • Web Analytics
  • CMS,
  • CRM and
  • ERP

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