Aug 22, 2017
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Unlock Big Data with SAP HANA and SAP Data Services, VIDEO


SAP HANA Special Offer *

You want SAP Hana at the good discount, with no hassle, no additional charges. IBM Power delivers efficiency

4 instances of SAP HANA.
4 virtual machines.
1 IBM Power System.

Memory Size and Description vCPU Storage Total License with hundreds of GB HANA Instances!


A full SLA
Full SAP Hana 64GB instance (NOT just runtime license)
Full daily backup
Full management of the system
24 x 7 help-desk to call ANYTIME with questions
As many transactions and users as you need

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With all the cloud deployment choices available today—public, private, and hybrid—and all the service choices—software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service—how do you determine the right mix for your IT and business needs?

The Fundamental considerations to implement a SAP Data Management Project

HANA Cloud Platform is SAP’s Platform-as-a-Service offering. It allows companies and partners to build and deploy applications in the cloud leveraging a subscription service.

It offers a robust set of tools that enable JAVA, Fiori/UI5 and HANA based applications that can also extend to include Mobile and Portal deployments with Collaboration, Integration and Analytics Services.

SAP’s differentiation in this market is the ability to securely connect to back-end SAP applications, either on premise or in the cloud.

Methods will be presented for aligning critical architectural decisions and key organizational transformations as well as the important criteria to consider when selecting adds-on components.

Learn more about SAP S/4HANA

- S/4HANA, edition for SAP Business All-In-One


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SAP SYBASE Replication Server Interoperability Options for IBM DB2

Replication Benefits

Replication's benefits revolve around performance, but there is also a benefit in terms of data durability guarantees.

Briefly, the reasons why you might choose to implement replication in your DB application are:

- Improve application reliability.
- Improve read performance.
- Improve transactional commit performance
- Improve data durability guarantee.

STD $14684.00
FYM STD $3068.00
ENT $14534.50
FYM ENT $3493.00


SAP SYBASE Replication Server Interoperability Options for Oracle
OPTION $17421.00
STD $17173.00
FYM STD $3589.00
ENT $16924.00
FYM ENT $4095.00


System x Solution for SAP Business One with SAP HANA

  • System x3650, x3550 and x3500 servers with Intel Xeon E5 series processors
  • System x3850 X6 servers with Intel Xeon E7 series processors

The SAP Business One version for SAP HANA, as well as SAP Business One Powered by SAP HANA running on System x servers, provide a flexible, cost-effective, real time approach for managing data, allowing organizations to dramatically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs typically associated with running separate operational and analytics systems.

Speed in-memory processing

Depending on your data center needs, you have the flexibility to choose either the 2U rack optimized System x3650, 1U System x3550, or the more scalable System x3500 tower server.

The System x3850 X6 offers expanded memory capacity for large implementations.

Scale up and protect investment

The System x3500 is a high-performance dual-socket tower server which provides the scalability, reliable performance and optimized efficiency for SAP Business One with SAP HANA—or with SAP Business One Powered by SAP HANA.

The x3500 tower server provides large storage capacity without the cost of external devices.

The System x3850 X6 offers enables large SAP HANA memory configurations with support for up to four Intel Xeon E7 series processors, up to 96 memory DIMMs for large memory configurations and integrated resiliency features needed for business critical applications such as SAP HANA.

SAP Business One with SAP HANA—as well as SAP Business One Powered by SAP HANA—running on System x3850, x3650, x3550 and x3500 servers provide a real time, in-memory analytics platform that empowers small business to accelerate access to their operational and strategic information.

Why System x

System x is the leading provider of x86 systems for the data center.

The portfolio includes rack, tower, blade, dense and converged systems, and supports enterprise class performance, reliability and security. System x also offers a full range of networking, storage, software and solutions, and comprehensive services supporting business needs throughout the IT lifecycle.

Planning environment by SAP HANA

With BW integrated planning, SAP makes available an extensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for the design and implementation of planning scenarios.

This solution comprises the complete integration of planning and BI features with a uniform user interface and design environment as well as a common analysis engine and database.

- A uniform user interface as well as a uniform process and modeling logic for analysis and planning

- Uniform and consistent design tools for analysis and planning (e.g. Query Designer, Web Application Designer, BExAnalyzer, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for Microsoft Office)

- Uniform and consistent database for analysis and planning*

- Web-based modeling environment for planning applications

- Comfortable and efficient planning (web and Excel)

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To learn more about the System x solution for SAP Business One, with SAP HANA, please

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