Mission Statement - War on Poverty

Respecting the (Original) Traditions, Embracing the Future

 We believe moral FDI contracts and outsourcing standards matter to extend a salvation for the food security, fragile and conflict affected states framework agreements and has the potential to create millions of better direct and indirect living wage jobs worldwide.

Outsourcing has a proven record of creating a real foundation for dialogue among empires / ancient countries for millenniums and today, to fulfil its objectives through a diverse business, cultural, artistic, and scientific platform of events, it is needed to have more debates, fora, symposia and seminars designed to encourage exchange moral business ethics instead of exchanging money!

While maintaining regular business opportunity communication with experts in the field as well as with governments or associations with similar or complementary objectives, each FDI pioneer and/or outsourcer should consider a fair budget for education and developing workplace safety standards of service providers for any type of outsourcing or foreign direct investment program, project and activity.

And service provider should create an environment of healthy competition to offer better quality offshore options within the context of environmental sustainability, health, and safety management.

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The results have been encouraging enough to merit further investigation.

 About Us

First of all, we need to remember all the honest, hardworking individuals who make up the vast majority of people in consulting engineering. So many of them devote themselves to client's projects, working days of overtime instead of going home to their families, and sincerely doing their very best to ensure that whatever they do will improve people's lives.

iPuzzlebiz-was-founded in August 2005 and launched its own brand on-demand small business Web services in October 2005. iPuzzlebiz website has been in the service business since 2002 with the consulta.vista.com domain name offering the VISTA.COM Inc eBusiness Platform with promotions in Spanish and English.

iPuzzlebiz is privately held and its "IT Sales Engineering Division Consultancy" is solely owned and operated. Based in Toronto, Ontario, our partner solutions advisor support provides cross-boundary professional services used in different line of business.

IT Services FDI

Small Business First

You now have immediate access to small business productivity tools and solutions in our website and our social media pages at Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can enjoy from a large selection of promotions to add different capabilities to your small business, communicate with your customers, promote your business and measure your results.

Small Business is Your World

iPuzzlebiz help small business access resources they need for today and tomorrow easily, swiftly and securely. All products are available as part of referral packages on a standalone standard basis. Removing the obstacles that challenge small businesses from joining the online revolution and ensuring that the web-based technology fulfills its original charter - a community for everyone, technical and non-technical alike - is our goal.

Are you making your customers happy?

Today’s consumers want more than a transaction, they’re looking for a relationship. Assess your strength in key phases of the customer journey and get a free personalized report with recommendations you can share with your entire team. It’s time to start delivering great experiences! SAP Hybris products cover five main areas – commerce, marketing, billing, sales and service – and offer you the insights and flexibility you need to lead.

Partner Solutions Advisor Support Patterns of Expertise at iPuzzlebiz

Our experience ensures the design and execution of technology roadmaps within highly-compliant secure technology business management TBM environments; gaining internal IT cost transparency alignment and appropriate broader financial alignment for the medium and large companies within their own corporate and/or organizational strategies and associated developed or developing country economics.

The strong focus on turnkey technology transformation or transition solutions, IT licensing, equipment leasing and financing will make all the difference. The design and execution of small data center solution or premium architecture with a larger footprint is another service that can be acquired through our partner advisor program.

BI, Mobile, Analytics, Database and Technology License Sell at iPuzzlebiz  
Each organization uses certain patterns of expertise to minimize risk, select and drive the right projects, and align investments to accelerate organizational success. Organizations turn to create their own patterns with BI, mobile, analytics, data warehousing and big data because it helps them bridge the gap between strategy and individual projects, and experience how to advance their strategic interests through the technology best practices.

Creating a secure, well maintained business environment requires significant expertise as well as investments in highly specialized hardware, software and process control such as a supplementary financial business process on discovery and visualization of financial data, the core business processes such as logistics and business intelligence to unify search and display tactics, measurement, and strategies that saves time, money, and resources.

IT Sales Engineering Boundary at iPuzzlebiz

Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from desktop to data-centre infrastructure, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, IT outsourcing contracts including provision of assets and human resources, and organization IT transformation engineering.

iPuzzlebiz IT Consulting (Consultation - which permeates the entire process) considers variety of moral and professional policy cycles during business development, IT contract negotiation and transition.
Today's technology is a fundamental enabler of corporate ROI, competitive business imperatives and employee productivity. Effective business leadership now involves learning how to leverage technology as a competitive, tactical and operational differentiator for your business. A custom-made approach will be defined during the consultation process to set the best policies based on your request and let you align technology with strategic business objectives for potentially transformational results in productivity and profitability.

Request a demonstration to find out how iPuzzlebiz' Partner Solutions Advisor Support will assess your needs, creatively approach solutions, decide and influence appropriate courses of action in your environment.

Web Application for community and corporate condominiums

Try the SSL enabled Bulit-in Photo ID Web Application for corporate condominiums and secure community neighborhoods in ipuzzlebiz.com Website Platform Free for 30 days. Contact iPuzzlebiz to get your username and password Today!

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Panthera Leo Persica
Destination comes by Chronicles

March 23, 2016

Open Letter

Thank you for visiting ipuzzlebiz website. In today's business world time is precious. You can rest assured that I will always be respectful of the time you invest as we discuss the possibility of a mutually beneficial business opportunity.

I've expanded the IPuzzlebiz-technology-partner-offerings so that everyone interested to work with iPuzzlebiz can enjoy convenient access to a larger selected partners' information, new products and ideas, as well as a place to network with others who have similar interests in other projects that needs different types of technology delivery models and partners.

At IPuzzlebiz, we are available to assist you with any question from Monday to Friday business hours. In order to answer your enquiries, we are pleased to share our knowledge and enclose our latest catalogue, prices, estimates and, should you so wish, to arrange a meeting with me or one of our partner representatives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if your company is interested to negotiate how to become an IPuzzlebiz partner or want to extend your real-world business handshake onto the hidden equipment leasing of ICT and IT market.

Like you, we are continually exploring ways to better serve our customers; check back to the ipuzzlebiz.com site often for updates, new resources and great technology deals from our partners, and more.

Yours faithfully,

Ali Vosoughrad



About Our Web Services

Today, strategic Internet objectives are critical to commercial success. Our Solutions provide fast, no-worries business management tools to small businesses expanding into the Internet world.

Web Hosting and Community Web Design Services

We have developed a web application (Photo ID) for managing the resident community information of condominiums with enhanced security features and intranet community capabilities integrated within our on-demand web services. Our hosting services is supported by Web.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWWW).

No downloads and no software to install

It is a secure web-based solution that enables you to take control and store information associated to your community members, residents/owners.

With our Management Console web-based solution for Communities and Condominium Corporations, taking control of your resident's data has never been easier and best of all you can move your community online in no time.

You'll have the community and management tools at your fingertips that will make your community environment thrives.

Simply register your information below and start 30-day Free Trial of iPuzzlebiz' "Community / Condominium Web Design and Management" service.

We understand that even though most small business owners have the desire to customize their website and tailor it to their specific business needs, they don't necessarily have the luxury of time to get it accomplished. That's where our Custom Design Services (CDS) come into play. We have created a series of packages that are available to the small business owner that lets them choose the level of customization they want for their site.

What our design packages offer is the ability to have specific features of a site customized for the business owner. A multitude of features can be customized (e.g., items added to the store, site registration with Search Engines) for the web site owner depending on which Custom Design Package is purchased. Based on the customers needs, resources, time at hand, they can choose to upgrade from the SiteStarter Package to any of the additional design packages shown below.

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