IT Contracts

We specialize in offering and rolling out turnkey technology shift transformation and the digitalization of business as well as hardware solutions for SMEs. iPuzzlebiz offers leasing. We offer contracts worth of your IT investments and cooperate with the GRENKELEASING Group in the scope of financing from the value of $750 net, without having to pay the initial fee.

  • The contract, which is the extension of the leasing offer of iPuzzlebiz consulting, creates an innovative tool for financing enterprise management systems especially for medium and small businesses.

About Landing a Technical Consulting Contract

The new leasing tool is an answer to the needs of SME companies in the area of ​​investment financing and the successful combination of key features, such as the rate of the lessor's decision, the minimum formalities and the ability to distribute payments over time. All these factors have a particular impact on investment decisions. iPuzzlebiz financial partner is a leading international IT leasing company with branches in 21 countries.

  • GRENKELEASING provides professional support to manufacturers and IT consulting firms.

Thanks to cooperation with GRENKELEASING iPuzzlebiz is able to propose its clients the highest quality modern IT software: non-standard, preferential interest rates, flexible and exceptionally fast procedures (decisions to conclude a contract within 1-2 hours); Access to innovative calculation tools - Simulator lease installments for the customer simple requests for a statement - minimum financial documents and certificates from the client, fixed interest rate financing - leasing installments are unchanged throughout the lease term, flexible leasing period from 18 to 36 months.
IT equipment leasing contract services are available for Ontario & Quebec at iPuzzlebiz. Learn about the iPuzzlebiz lease finance provider, Grenke eSignature and Master Lease Agreement




Our Partner advisor technology consulting services provide our clients with the ability to understand the complexities of the product offerings and how to adapt them to their own business environment. iPuzzlebiz facilitates the active learning, information, immediacy and transparency, peer research, requirements definition, continuous evaluation, purchase, maintenance & upgrade.

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