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IT Equipment Leasing

iPuzzlebiz recommends: IBM’s System x and Flex System servers and switches with Lenovo's integrated systems and associated software. You can run VMware, Nutanix, Pivot3 and Microsoft products on Lenovo servers too.
Lenovo hyperconverged solutions

The Scale Computing HC3 Edge Platform on Lenovo Servers, is designed to make deployment and management easy for smaller and midsize organizations in such areas as retail, bank branches and health care institutions that may not have the resources or expertise necessary to manage highly complex, expensive systems.

It gives companies a simple, intelligent and highly integrated on-premises system that can be placed on the network edge closer to where the workloads are being run and data is being generated. This reduces the time and budget spent managing technology and allows companies to focus more on growing their business and serving their customers.

Scale Computing’s HC3 platform includes the HyperCore software architecture, which offers server virtualization, integrated management, software-defined storage and flexible scalability. The portfolio of Scale HC3 systems includes such Lenovo servers as the
  • 1U (1.75-inch) ThinkSystem SR630,
  • 2U (3.5-inch) SR650 and
  • 1U Lenovo System x3550 M5,
  • all rack servers powered by Intel Xeon processors.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Offers Key Advantages for SAP HANA Deployments. It reduces the total cost of ownership for SAP HANA deployments. For instance, by using industry-standard x86 servers, and HCI’s scale-out architecture, organizations can lower their up-front costs by avoiding expensive, purpose-built systems and purchasing only the compute and storage needed, scaling incrementally as SAP HANA workloads grow.

Professional IT consulting prior to any SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo and/or Oracle NetSuite sales engagement where we pursue your request.

Microsoft Canada

iPuzzlebiz gives organizations the option to lease virtually any Lenovo product, from computers to software and servers, at rates and terms that will work for you.

  • ThinkPad (professional), The ultimate business tool
  • 11e Series, Rugged Student Laptops
  • ThinkPad 13, Productive & Poortable Laptops
  • P Series, Lenovo most powerful Workstations
  • E Series, Small-business style
  • T Series, Portable powerhouse
  • ThinkPad W Series, Ultimate mobile workstation
  • X Series, Extreme mobility

  • Windows Tablets
  • All PC, Tablet Convenience

  • ThinkCentre (professional), Serious business
  • M Series Tower, Serious enterprise performance
  • M Series All-in-one PCs, Space-Saving Enterprise

  • ThinkStation (desktops)
  • P Series
  • Unparalleled Performance. Superior Reliability.
  • ThinkPad (laptops)
  • The Ultimate Mobile Workstation
  • P Series
  • The Lenovo most powerful Workstations
  • W Series
  • Portable Power

  • Monitors
  • Accessories & Parts
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Keyboards & Mice
  • Large Enterprise Custom Products
  • Printers & Printer Supplies
  • Projectors
  • Services
  • Software
  • Skins
  • Storage
  • Thin Clients
  • Wireless & Networking
  • Docks & Port Replicators
  • Batteries & Power
  • Carrying Cases
  • Audio & Video
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Cameras & Scanners
  • Monitor Accessories
  • Mobile Carts
  • Memory
  • Security
  • Tablet Accessories
  • ThinkVantage Technologies

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