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IT Care Programs

iPuzzlebiz helps you to increase the probability success of your IT Care programs by matching strategies and contract negotiation decision making in respect with different IT Care project life cycles.

We do not recommend a pre-defined empirical approach and prescriptive workflow for modeling and estimating IT care program contract because traditional multi project management techniques don't always help achieving success with these programs. We need both defined and adaptive approaches to increase the probability success of the program.
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Care For People - A more than a feeling article in coordination with our mission statement

A Shushtar * Post Condition Breath Healthy Military Grade Environmental Program
  • Dispel agile misconceptions and start writing good agile meteorological requirements
  • Developing agile meteorological requirements to reduce losses caused by climate disasters and overcome the weakness of information systems, the prevention of waste of time, energy and funds
  • Legal action management on post-militarty-action environmental impacts and international law
  • Controlled desertification and estimating the dark unpredictable pollutants spots of weather maps
  • Integrated maintenance and condition monitoring trends of local life cycle assessment database (Köppen climate classification BSh), spatial analysis hardware equipment and carbon footprint software systems
  • Development of applied meteorology with uninterruptible power supply crisis management
  • Supplementary IT governance systems for medical treatment of physical conditions, hysteria and anger management including new air conditioners equipped with replaceable air purifier filters (Masks, Air Purifiers and Odour Control)
  • Shushtar overview on benefit realization and portfolio / program / project management

Key Capabilities for Spatial Analytics - Use Location Intelligence for Better Decisions
  • Geocode large volumes of environmental data quickly to prepare it for spatial analysis
  • Create hot zone areas based on the power and direction of wind drive time, and blend data by physical proximity
  • Perform advanced spatial analytics for additional insights
  • Leverage location information in existing data sets for deeper insights to drive greater efficiencies, improve operations and enhance profitability
  • And keep on pushing the love over the borderline! - A care for people program management

* Shushtar is an ancient fortress city in Khuzestan Province, Iran. Khuzestan ranked #1 because it offers the most geo-technical eco efficiency features of the country. In eco-politics when they refer to Iran, they are actually talking about the Khuzestan empowerment capabilities.

 Business of IT action on climate change - We care

You Can Run, but You Can't Hide. Business action on climate change with strategic planning and program analysis. When every line of business (LoB) depends on how IT industry governs how they make decisions, are you really governing the use of information and technology, or is it just the internal controls?

CIOs, directors, managers ... have traditionally planned and measured their success in terms of historical financial measures. At the present time, using ROI and monthly profit margins only provides a tiny perspective on strategic performance. Market leaders think differently. In a world where strategic change is unpredictable and swift, we need to think about leading and achieving change goals rather than being dragged by them.

Business of IT plays a key role in the mitigation of global warming, through decisions to invest in researching and implementing new energy technologies and energy efficiency measures.

IT Sales Engineering Boundary at iPuzzlebiz

Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from desktop to data-centre infrastructure, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, IT outsourcing contracts including provision of assets and human resources, and organization IT transformation engineering.

Principles That Govern How You Make Decisions

COBIT® 5 is ISACA's framework for governance and management of enterprise information technology.

The COBIT 5 Integrator Framework: Includes Val IT, Risk IT, the Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) and the IT Assurance Framework (ITAF) plus integration with other frameworks, standards and practices  – ISO, TOGAF, PMBOK and ITIL.

The Governance Objective (Value Creation) Enterprises exist to create value for their stakeholders, so the governance objective for any enterprise is value creation. Value creation means realizing benefits at an optimal resource cost whilst optimizing risk.

Business and Context Focus: Having a business focus means focusing on enterprise goals and objectives. This relates to every enterprise’s objective for benefits realization, risk optimization and resource optimization.

COBIT 5 covers all of the critical business elements, i.e. processes, organizational structures, principles & policies, culture, skills and service capabilities. In addition, a new information model provides a simple link between business information and the IT function.


The COBIT 5 Governance Approach (Enabler Based) The main elements of the governance approach are as follows: Governance enablers are the organizational resources for governance, such as frameworks, principles, structure, processes and practices. Governance scope: Governance can be applied to the whole enterprise, an entity, a tangible or intangible asset, etc. Roles, Activities and Relationships: It defines who is involved in governance, how they are involved, what they do and how they interact, within the scope of any governance system.

Governance and Management structured: The COBIT 5 framework makes a clear distinction between governance and management. Governance is about the Senior Management team providing a steer and making, sponsoring and enforcing the right decisions to meet enterprise objectives.

Management is responsible for execution by making effective use of resources, people, processes, practices in line with the direction set by the governing body.

IT Care in iPuzzlebiz

PEOPLE, PARTNERS and APPLICATIONS - Testimony, Observation, Luck and Experience.

Ask for iPuzzlebiz key certainty strategic components for modeling and estimating an "IT Care" sales consulting program with


With environmental pollution worsening and concerns growing over infectious diseases, a focus on healthy breathing has never been more timely

A breath healthy underwater courtesy - The good old time silent river killers of Khwuzestan!

The first evidence-based checklist of sharks of the Persian Gulf is presented based on appraisal of primary literature and new data, including identifications verified by COI barcoding.

Evidence of the occurrence of 26 species is presented, and the possible presence of a further 17 species.

Carcharhinidae is the most species-rich family (16 species) present. The first substantiated records of the spinner shark Carcharhinus brevipinna, blacktip reef shark C. melanopterus¸ and scalloped hammerhead Sphyrna lewini and the grey nurse shark Carcharias taurus. Not to forget the diversity of Persian Gulf’s shark fauna!


Silent killer

The high rate of carbon monoxide poisoning

Trends shaping the healthcare industry

Industry Trends
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Personalized medicine
  • Outcome-based payment
  • Overwhelming cost of aging
  • Prevention better than a cure
  • Mainstream health tourism
  • Increasing shortage of skilled physicians
  • Streamlining operations while providing high quality of care

In World Wide Web
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Clinical Information
  • Early Identification
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Genome Analysers
  • Health Analysis
  • Health Care Informatics
  • Information Exchange
  • Medical Informatics
  • Early Detection
  • Lab Research
  • Preventative Management

Technology Trends
  • Digitalization transformation
  • Significant growth of Big Data
  • Cloud electronic health record
  • Enablement of mobility for healthcare to maximize impact
  • Real-time insight to improve cost-effectiveness and outcomes
  • Social media for more insight into patient sentiment

Big ideas happening within Healthcare and SAP

  • Integrated Health Information Sharing
  • Challenges of Personalized Medicine
  • Empower Healthcare with Analytics
  • Big Data vs. Cancer
  • Trends in At-Home Healthcare

Products applicable to Healthcare

  • Medical Research Insights
  • SuccessFactors for Healthcare
  • SimpleFinance for Healthcare

Improvement of Hydrological Forecasting Practices and Products - 2nd FFI AG meeting, Geneva, 1-3 December 2015

http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/hwrp/flood/documents/presentations/13_Flood-related_activities_relevant_WMO_FFI-after_FFI-AG.pdf Current state, proposed actions according to the SAP

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