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You Can Run, but You Can't Hide. Business action on climate change with strategic planning and program analysis. When every line of business (LoB) depends on how IT industry governs how they make decisions, are you really governing the use of information and technology, or is it just the internal controls?

CIOs, directors, managers ... have traditionally planned and measured their success in terms of historical financial measures. At the present time, using ROI and monthly profit margins only provides a tiny perspective on strategic performance. Market leaders think differently. In a world where strategic change is unpredictable and swift, we need to think about leading and achieving change goals rather than being dragged by them.

Business of IT plays a key role in the mitigation of global warming, through decisions to invest in researching and implementing new energy technologies and energy efficiency measures.

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Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from patient empowerment to streamlining operations while providing high quality of care, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, cloud electronic health record and enablement of mobility for healthcare to maximize impact, and organization IT transformation engineering.

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Principles That Govern How You Make Decisions

COBIT® 5 is ISACA's framework for governance and management of enterprise information technology.

The COBIT 5 Integrator Framework: Includes Val IT, Risk IT, the Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) and the IT Assurance Framework (ITAF) plus integration with other frameworks, standards and practices  – ISO, TOGAF, PMBOK and ITIL.

The Governance Objective (Value Creation) Enterprises exist to create value for their stakeholders, so the governance objective for any enterprise is value creation. Value creation means realizing benefits at an optimal resource cost whilst optimizing risk.

Business and Context Focus: Having a business focus means focusing on enterprise goals and objectives. This relates to every enterprise’s objective for benefits realization, risk optimization and resource optimization.

COBIT 5 covers all of the critical business elements, i.e. processes, organizational structures, principles & policies, culture, skills and service capabilities. In addition, a new information model provides a simple link between business information and the IT function.


The COBIT 5 Governance Approach (Enabler Based) The main elements of the governance approach are as follows: Governance enablers are the organizational resources for governance, such as frameworks, principles, structure, processes and practices. Governance scope: Governance can be applied to the whole enterprise, an entity, a tangible or intangible asset, etc. Roles, Activities and Relationships: It defines who is involved in governance, how they are involved, what they do and how they interact, within the scope of any governance system.

Governance and Management structured: The COBIT 5 framework makes a clear distinction between governance and management. Governance is about the Senior Management team providing a steer and making, sponsoring and enforcing the right decisions to meet enterprise objectives.

Management is responsible for execution by making effective use of resources, people, processes, practices in line with the direction set by the governing body.

Lenovo Health: Delivering Value-Based Care

As our proactive IT partner, Lenovo™ Health powers the delivery of value-based care. The premier product portfolio is tailored for the healthcare industry and spans mobility, security, and cloud solutions to help customize care almost anywhere for our healthcare customers.

Our focus is to provide reliable solutions that help customers thrive within an ever-changing healthcare landscape—whether it’s to improve their IT infrastructure, empower clinicians, or help patients manage their own care ...
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