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iPuzzlebiz helps you to increase the probability success of your IT Care programs by matching strategies and contract negotiation decision making in respect with different IT Care project life cycles.

We do not recommend a pre-defined empirical approach and prescriptive workflow for modeling and estimating IT care program contract because traditional multi project management techniques don't always help achieving success with these programs. We need both defined and adaptive approaches to increase the probability success of the program.

IT Care Sales Engineering Boundary at iPuzzlebiz

Technology finance, software license, office equipment – from patient empowerment to streamlining operations while providing high quality of care, as-a-service technology model SLAs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …), on-premises software or in the cloud, cloud electronic health record and enablement of mobility for healthcare to maximize impact, and organization IT transformation engineering. SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Management is a comprehensive, integrated application that enables your company to streamline and implement EHS strategies.

SAP EHS Management

Lenovo Health: Delivering Value-Based Care

As our proactive IT partner, Lenovo™ Health powers the delivery of value-based care. The premier product portfolio is tailored for the healthcare industry and spans mobility, security, and cloud solutions to help customize care almost anywhere for our healthcare customers.

Our focus is to provide reliable solutions that help customers thrive within an ever-changing healthcare landscape—whether it’s to improve their IT infrastructure, empower clinicians, or help patients manage their own care ...

Visit Lenovo Health, Customized Care Anywhere to see how we can help you

Sales Solution for the Life Sciences

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Ask us about the sales compensation digital solution suite specifically designed for the life sciences industry. A pharma-ready, web-based solution designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use, it comes armed with a robust quality and auditing framework.

Modules include: IC Calculation Engine, Quota Setting Module, Field Reporting module and IC Health Check module. Pharma Ready (Industry standard incentive plan components and metrics are built-in which users can pick and choose from, Supports pharmaceutical industry specific data structures with the capability to handle selling channels and data types such as new and total prescriptions, Five-level geographical hierarchy, Configurable payment schedules AND Parameterized eligibility exceptions)

Integrated Quality Framework (Incorporates input/output integrity validations, Configurable thresholds using UI for outlier analysis, Data restatements and month-over-month variations presented using rich data summaries AND Detailed calculation reports right out of the box) Secure Architecture (256 bit SSL for secure data transfer, Cloud based multi-instance architecture, Access control at plan level and full audit tracking to ensure compliance AND Industry focused development with free seamless upgrades)

Self-Management (A buffet of design components for plan setup with industry standard nomenclature, An intuitive operational cockpit for ongoing management, A one-stop admin dashboard for access control, Detailed Compliance Dashboard to track user activity, any configuration changes, payment adjustments, approval summary AND Built-in 3-level role-based approval framework to facilitate periodic incentive payrolls) Cost-Effective (Lower total cost of ownership due to faster implementation cycle and lower licensing fees, Pricing levels to support different sizes of salesforce AND Monthly and Annual Billing options)


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Trends shaping the healthcare industry

Health Care Digitalization

Industry Trends
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Personalized medicine
  • Outcome-based payment
  • Overwhelming cost of aging
  • Prevention better than a cure
  • Mainstream health tourism
  • Increasing shortage of skilled physicians
  • Streamlining operations while providing high quality of care

In World Wide Web
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Clinical Information
  • Early Identification
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Genome Analysers
  • Health Analysis
  • Health Care Informatics
  • Information Exchange
  • Medical Informatics
  • Early Detection
  • Lab Research
  • Preventative Management

Technology Trends
  • Digitalization transformation
  • Significant growth of Big Data
  • Cloud electronic health record
  • Enablement of mobility for healthcare to maximize impact
  • Real-time insight to improve cost-effectiveness and outcomes
  • Social media for more insight into patient sentiment

Big ideas happening within Healthcare and SAP

  • Integrated Health Information Sharing
  • Challenges of Personalized Medicine
  • Empower Healthcare with Analytics
  • Big Data vs. Cancer
  • Trends in At-Home Healthcare

Products applicable to Healthcare

  • Medical Research Insights
  • SuccessFactors for Healthcare
  • SimpleFinance for Healthcare

Governments Can Run, but They Can't Hide.

Business action on climate change with strategic planning and program analysis. Business of IT plays a key role in the mitigation of global warming, through decisions to invest in researching and implementing new energy technologies and energy efficiency measures.

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