Web-based Legal Practice Management

It provides a full suite of web-based practice management tools targeted specifically at the administrative needs of sole practitioners and small firms. It is a single resource that eliminates the need for multiple specialized applications by incorporating the principal talents of each. Web-based, secure, and easy-to-use, it seeks to overcome many of the technical hurdles offered by conventional practice management solutions. Spend your valuable time building your practice, let this web-based legal practice management software handle the rest.
Visitor analytics platform for app store

It helps app marketers optimize conversion on the app page by giving the tools to a/b test icons, screenshots, videos, and other elements on the page. Market leaders like Rovio, Rakuten, Wargaming and hundreds of other mobile publishers already use the platform to optimize their conversion.
Platform for cellular connected devices

A platform for building IoT products with a focus on cellular. It allows you to: Connect: use our cloud friendly cellular network to connect any device to the internet cheaply and easily. Interact: use our software to talk to your device and route your incoming and outgoing messages, all via secure and scalable API. Build: use our cellular development kit (the Dash) to create a new connected device in minutes. AND Manage: use our management tools to see your devices and update their software wirelessly.
Patent Marketing Analytics Technology

This patent-pending marketing analytics technology allows companies to accurately track offline revenue back to the exact online marketing source so they can easily measure and optimize marketing by return-on-investment. Specialties include: Marketing Attribution, Salesforce Google Analytics, Salesforce for Google Adwords Replacement, Marketing Performance Management and Marketing Analytics
Integrations Between Cloud Applications

It is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities and no coding required. It seamlessly integrates with over 100 business applications and enables task automation across all those apps. It helps anyone create powerful, business-critical integrations between cloud applications in minutes. No coding required.
Infrastructure for open communication

It is the open communications layer for the Internet. Through a simple yet powerful SDK, it provides the building blocks for developers to add secure and reliable messaging, voice and video features to any app. It provides the infrastructure and handles the hard parts - sync, message states, push notifications and more - so that developers can focus on innovation and delighting their users.
Cloud Based Code Editor

A cloud based code editor that enables users to develop, maintain and collaborate on their web sites and application from any browser on almost any device (iOS, Android, Windows RT) , anywhere in the world. Think of it as Google Docs for developers!
Clean Energy Purchasing Platform

It makes clean energy simple and accessible for anyone that pays a utility bill. As the first nationwide clean energy utility option in the U.S for individuals and small businesses, it provides customers 100% pollution-free energy via a customer's local utility. No panels, no hassle, no huge upfront cost. The proprietary software connects online utility accounts with a clean energy purchasing platform, imports all the energy data, and displays it in a beautiful web dashboard with information on rewards, savings, and impact. It has customers in all 50 states and is a proud B-Corp.

WordPress Development Community

A WordPress service and support market that seamlessly connects WordPress users with WordPress experts to make website services more efficient, opening new possibilities for website owners and more business for service providers.
Search Tool for Sites and Mobile Apps

It is a hosted search solution that lets site owners deliver powerful, customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Built on top of a highly refined search algorithm to deliver superior relevance upon installation, it also gives site owners the tools to precisely control search through a user-friendly dashboard. It powers search for over 500,000 websites and applications across a wide range of industries - from major corporations Qualcomm and Dr Pepper to technology startups Twitch and CloudFlare.
Scheduled Screenshots of Any Website

It takes screenshots of your website or webapp at defined schedules. If the screenshots appear different, you get notified immediately. This helps identify issues that are not caught by traditional monitoring such as Database Errors, Missing CSS, Missing Web Fonts, Missing JS, CDN Errors and Expired SSL Certificates.
[hide]PMI Anti-corruption Drive[hide]
Platform to manage HIPAA compliance

It is a platform designed to help organizations manage HIPAA compliance. This software as a service provides all of the necessary tools and resources to maintain compliance, not just for doctors and hospitals, but for all organizations that are now required to be HIPAA compliant under the new regulations. From policies & procedures to risk assessments and employee training, it covers everything that companies need to become and stay compliant.
Pay with a Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is a software solution that enables you to offer digital content (Discount Codes, e-Books, Games, Audio, Video, etc.) on your website for the price of a Social Media share. By offering quality content, you will trigger your website visitors to share your campaigns with their Social Media network. As an outcome, you will turn your website visitors into genuine brand ambassadors. A win-win situation, that can trigger a viral chain reaction for your products and lead to more sales. Pay with a Tweet has been integrated in more than 40.000 Marketing Campaigns. Around 8 million users in more than 50 countries have already paid for digital content with a Social Media share.
Custom voice and SMS applications

Professionally designed, or do it yourself. You can even integrate to offer more intelligent, fully reportable automation experiences for voice or text message. Businesses and especially customer support and sales centers love it because it reduces cost, while improving the experience of customers and agents. Intelligent custom voice and text message applications help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Culture-fit Platform for HR Managers

It provides you with the tools and the workflow to streamline the hiring process. With just a few clicks you'll know if a candidate has what it takes to make your team successful.
Coworking Management Platform

It is a beautiful management platform for coworking spaces, serviced offices and business centres. It enables the office managers to handle all critical processes of the space in a very visual and intuitive way. Specialties include: Advanced Coworking Technologies, Coworking Management, Shared office Management, Facility Management AND Community Management



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