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Selling technology solution to senior executives, iPuzzlebiz also helps clients develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest values.

Clearly, no two companies have exactly the same organization, product or infrastructure, but the efforts of information technology elites during years of practice and suffering have produced clear and aligned frameworks for the representation of IT strategy best practice. Well-run, or mature, development strategies provide variety of process and control points and reap quality product as the benefit of their status among “mature” organizations.

IT Shift Professional Services

  • Manufactures to realize the power over competing solutions for real-time process control across multiple platforms over heterogeneous protocols.
  • Telecommunications can take advatnage to deliver millions of messages daily across complex, distributed workflows in mission-critical 24x7 environments.
  • Oil and energy companies can rapidly integrate disparate systems and harness silos of information in legacy systems to improve delivery of services. Oil companies can get real time information from field to office enabling critical decision making by Managers that directly impacts the bottom line.
  • Leading financial institutions have ability to deploy the next wave of flexible and adaptable core banking, risk management and trading solutions.
  • Consumer service organizations can significantly improve their net profits through streamlining of processes and connecting with trading partners.

Specialties: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Integration; hybrid-cloud SOA, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), High performance JMS Messaging, Enterprise Application Integration, Peer-peer, event-driven architecture, Microservices Architecture, API Management, PSD2 solutions and solution accelerators such as Core Banking Integration (Temenos T24), SWIFT, SAP and Salesforce.Com

Services licensing models: Perpetual Licensing, Annual Subscription and Enterprise License

Buying hardware and software is an important aspect to effectively managing IT costs

Specify the need for "Short-Listing Technology Vendors for RFI or RFP", the value of future investment and Percent(%) of IT project devoted to each type of IT process and/or operation. You may include the product categories, horizontal application product lines, vertical applications, on-demand solution categories and the licensing model of each option (If applicable) With iPuzzlebiz Partner Solutions Support you can save significant $$$ through more efficient, easily monitored processes

- No more key items falling through the cracks = $$
- Faster customer service by using automated processes and efficiency checks = $$
- Reduce errors = Increase the quality of your offerings = $$
- Differentiate yourself from your competition

All of these benefits can be achieved with minimal additional H/W and S/W costs

We will get back to you with more questions such as project/program time frame, development flexibility in your company, compliance with different technology vendors and architecture strategy, your approximate budget for the project/program ($), budget status, big data requirements planning and service upgrade options

Available Worldwide

At iPuzzlebiz, professional IT shift programs and Partner Solution Support are subject to the directorate of IT business policy and oversea scope of the policy exercise. Each IT business availability policy's assignments vary. After you submit your application (click on landing a technical consulting contract button), a policy analyst will provide guidance on different aspects of worldwide availability of our specialities.

The benefits of the best process in the world can be lost if the results of the process are not effectively communicated. Enterprises negotiating new technology licenses, business continuity models, implementing new service level agreements and contracts must consider a number of key issues that can mean the difference between a good deal and a bad one.

Technology Shift

  • From On-premise data centres to Cloud
  • From Database to Data models
  • From ERP & monolithic systems to Apps & APIs
  • From Business intelligence to Big data & analytics
  • From IT department to Networked IT structure

When you don't need the iPuzzlebiz IT shift orientation tour?

  • When your IT landscape applications is connected in an orderly fashion & easily scalable
  • When you can simplify specifying business processes and workflow creation
  • If you already have a high performance, scalable and reliable messaging platform
  • If you can provide the best benefits of centralized & distributed architectures
  • If it is easy to create & consume services which support the business process
  • You can currently support industry standard integration protocols
  • Provide enterprise wide visibility of connected applications (down to each node & service levels)
  • It is easy to minimize monitoring & enterprise wide debugging of application connectivity

Challenges Faced by CIOs & Technology Heads

  • No real-time access to information across the enterprise
  • Complex process of on-boarding partners and other stakeholders
  • Rigid and hardcoded business processes
  • Increased expenditure on maintaining multiple integrations
  • Long implementation timelines for launching new products

What to expect from the iPuzzlebiz Partner Solutions Support

  • Independent Integration Backbone (Extends across heterogeneous application platforms)
  • No rip-and-replace (Leverages existing IT assets and exposes them as reusable services)
  • Scalable Operations (Start small and grow as needed with proven and scalable infrastructure)
  • No steep learning curve (Leverage existing developer skill-set)
  • Accelerate Application Deployment (Reuse existing services to create composite applications)
  • Standard Based Framework (Reduce risk through freedom of choice)
  • Rapid App Development (Codeless nature speeds up development)
  • Plug-n-Play (100+ prebuilt adapters for outright connectivity)
  • Reduce Projects Delays (Bridge communication gaps by aligning IT with business)

The iPuzzlebiz partner solutions' advantage includes simplify complex IT, minimize cost and reduce time-to-market.

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