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SAP IT Management

SAP has a software to help the IT team to make a better management of their assets. One of the key elements of this segment is the SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager is a central support and system management suite provided to SAP customers as part of their license agreement. The major idea is to reduce and centralize the management of these systems and business processes.

SAP Solution Manager includes features such as Template Management, Solution Documentation, Test Management, Upgrade Management, and Change Control System.

SAP has also developed an data extraction tool that helps the IT team during data migration between SAP and systems. SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) is a high-Speed data extraction tool that can transfer your data from production to quality and test systems to assure accurate data during tests and training.

SAP provides the following IT management software:

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Test Data Migration Server
  • SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization
  • SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller
  • SAP Landscape Transformation
  • SAP IT Infrastructure Management

The following Solution Extensions for SAP Solution Manager are also available:

  • SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily
  • SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood
  • SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco
  • SAP Enterprise Modeling by Software AG
  • SAP Productivity Pak by ANCILE
  • SAP User Experience Management by Knoa

Use SAP Solution Manager as Your Central IT Management Solution

SAP IT Infrastructure Management provides companies with real-time, end-to-end monitoring of their IT infrastructures. It is a central platform for managing your entire IT architecture ? from business applications and processes all the way down to complex and heterogeneous infrastructure and network environments.


SAP IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management can be integrated into the Application Lifecycle Management, and is a scalable extension for SAP Enterprise Support customers. You can extend your use of SAP Solution Manager to include proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting, providing a common platform to describe and manage heterogeneous technical infrastructures.

SAP IT Infrastructure Management Provides the Foundation for Running IT Like a Business

Holistic ALM and IT infrastructure management on SAP Solution Manager for SAP Enterprise Support customers. Intelligent and automatic discovery to detect dependencies and simplify management of heterogeneous technical infrastructures. Scalable expansion of SAP Solution Manager usage to proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting for the entire IT infrastructure. ITIL-compliant SAP Solution Manager processes with full access to a proven Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Faster value generation from IT to business ensures business continuity through precise business impact analysis

Real-time Access to all your Device Types. Product Specific Module for all common Device Models

  • Consistent look & feel and intuitive handling via graphical display
  • Support of all standard and proprietary Management Information Bases
  • Support of the most important management protocols (SNMP, CIM, WMI/WBEM)
  • Development of new Product Specific Modules at a standard rate

Easier Network Management and Planning

  • Topology Overview
  • Visual Assisted Analysis
  • Overview of distributed Networks
  • System Network Status

Manage your Network Configuration with Provisioning

  • Distribute changes to all your active network devices
  • Collect configuration of all your active network devices
  • Compare configuration history with current configuration

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 meets all of PinkVERIFY's and Serview's requirements relevant to ITIL that are the key to high-quality IT service management. It has been verified as ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) compliant in 15 core processes:

Availability Management, Capacity Management, Change Management, Event Management, Financial Management, Incident Management, IT Service Continuity Management, Knowledge Management, Problem Management, Release & Deployment Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Asset & Configuration Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Level Management, and Service Portfolio Management


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