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Selling technology solution to senior executives, iPuzzlebiz also helps clients develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value

Clearly, no two companies have exactly the same organization, product or infrastructure, but the efforts of information technology elites during years of practice and suffering have produced clear and aligned frameworks for the representation of IT strategy best practice. Well-run, or mature, development strategies provide variety of process and control points and reap quality product as the benefit of their status among “mature” organizations.

Professional Services Automation

  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Timesheet & Expense Management
  • Analytics
  • Technology Business Management

Buying hardware and software is an important aspect to effectively managing IT costs. Specify the need for "Short-Listing Technology Vendors for RFI or RFP", the value of future investment and Percent(%) of IT project devoted to each type of IT process and/or operation. You may include the product categories, horizontal application product lines, vertical applications, on-demand solution categories and the licensing model of each option (If applicable)

We will get back to you with more questions such as project/program time frame, development flexibility in your company, compliance with different technology vendors and architecture strategy, your approximate budget for the project/program ($), budget status, big data requirements planning and service upgrade options

SAP Professional Services

At iPuzzlebiz, professional IT business guard policy strategies and services are about directorate of IT business policy and oversea scope of the policy exercise. Each IT business guard policy's assignments vary. A policy analyst needs to be given guidance by leaders/managers on different aspects.

The benefits of the best process in the world can be lost if the results of the process are not effectively communicated. Enterprises negotiating new technology licenses, business continuity models, implementing new service level agreements and contracts must consider a number of key issues that can mean the difference between a good deal and a bad one.

Technology Shift

  • From On-premise data centres to Cloud
  • From Database to Data models
  • From ERP & monolithic systems to Apps & APIs
  • From Business intelligence to Big data & analytics
  • From IT department to Networked IT structure


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After scheduling a technology shift consultation appointment, you will receive the iPuzzlebiz orientation tour with actual case study technology shift proof of iPuzzlebiz technology partners.

The next step activities may include: 

  • Evaluate proposed business initiatives for viability and organizational advantage
  • Develop risk plans and high level test plans
  • Develop Work Breakdown structure that is requirement driven, focusing on planning, testing and managing responsibilities
  • Conduct feasibility analysis and strategic fit assessment and identify and analyze all relevant stakeholders
  • Build logical data models to represent organization's information requirements and business rules
  • Develop Use-case models, considered to be industry best practice in representing functional requirements
  • Assemble requirements package for communications output to get buy-in from stake-holders
  • Deploy strategies for managing change in the requirements

In todays project driven corporate environment it is not uncommon for project leaders to end up managing five to ten projects all at once. Managing multiple projects and work teams require strong time management and scheduling skills.

Resources available for the policy exercise

Fast-paced business environment demands that managers should have a good mix of theory and practical real life experience, aligned with the corporate and IT strategies to use effectively tools and templates to manage multiple project ripples such as:

  • Scope statement
  • Risk template
  • Change request
  • Communication plan and
  • Project end evaluation, etc..

Resources available for the contingency plans

While service providers always have business continuity plan (BCP), customer needs to examine the plan to determine how it works with customers continuity planning and to assess the likelihood that the service provider will be able to implement its plan when required.

A contingency plan that moves workers from one region to another (or even from one country to another) may be difficult to implement. BCP is at the heart of our contract management activity and should be a standing item for regular meetings with suppliers.

The contingency plan needs to be tailored according to the nature and criticality of the work being performed at the offshore location, the complexity of the work, and the onsite/offshore staffing ratio.

Scheduling techniques for managing dependent and interdependent projects includes:

  • Understanding the implications of different types of deadlines
  • Examining critical path method
  • Understanding critical chain scheduling
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of safety nets and improve efficiency by reducing multi-tasking and using different types of buffers

It is a good idea to involve program staff in the policy development process. It is of strategic importance to invest in existing staff resources to strengthen their capacity to effectively and efficiently meet the level of policy demand. iPuzzlebiz will produce and present the deliverables needed to complete your IT project.

High level policy implementation sample

  • User Requirements Input Statement: It's easier to play people than to convince them that they have been played
  • IT Business Guard Policy Update: Business intelligence data transparency in different levels and scales of justice play
  • Strategic Output Directorate: Another experience and learning approach ...

Miscellaneous Provisions Shouldn't Be an Afterthought

Requirements management to de-risk and accelerate enterprise projects (Data Warehousing in particular) so that they are completed on time, and on budget. There are miscellaneous provisions in any type of technical contract that should be addressed. iPuzzlebiz carefully considers these provisions during the negotiation and process and will not treat them as an afterthought in contracts.

Reaching the "optimum state of an IT contract" can take an impractically long time, so in real world applications it is important to be able to trade off solution quality against negotiation time!

Jan 18, 2018
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Creativity and Critical Thinking in Enterprise Analysis for Developing Project Roadmap

The key elements of a business-focused information technology strategic plan

Alignment of new technology initiatives with changing markets, products and business plans for maximum effectiveness

Modelling corporate situations to determine your most pressing technology project needs

As step-by-step planning approach to leveraging technology that is customizable to your organization's business drivers, culture and products

Collaborative definition to determine where to allocate money, equipment and staff

Proactive anticipation of risk and pitfalls in strategic planning

Cultivation of project commitments with key stakeholders

Techniques which help strategic stakeholders wield technology to transform the business

Key computer security and audit issues 

Implementation of organizational technology governance structures to support changing corporate priorities

Information-rich org charts, customizable metrics and robust planning and modeling solutions to measure the scope of the business guard policy development

iPuzzlebiz will help you to make substantially improved business performance, creating the type of IT environment where your business/company can flourish.

  • Elements of successful plan
  • Overlooked strategic opportunities
  • Connecting strategic technology with changing business drivers
  • Identifying potential technological value layers in your operations
  • Applying strategic technological efficiencies, effectiveness and transformations
  • Key business processes
  • Key business data
  • Key business locations
  • Proving cost effective flexibility to business change
  • Empowering decentralization
  • Determining your planning success
  • Identifying technology policies, processes, and standards
  • Establishing roles, responsibilities and organization structures
  • Service level agreements
  • Responding to organizational change
  • Institute project and portfolio management
  • Cultivating ongoing strategic excellence
  • IT Business Guard Policy's assignments
  • Developing company's enterprise relations
  • Coordinating company's enterprise relations
  • Internal Affairs Doctrine
  • Directorate of IT Business Policy
  • Directorate of Oversea IT Business Policy
  • Project driven corporate environment
  • Timing requirements and scheduling techniques
  • Contingency Plan Resources
  • Developing Assessment Policies
  • Establishing a steering committee
  • Defining the strategic end product
  • Technological strategic goals
  • Success factors and measures
  • Realistic scheduling
  • Connecting with the corporate history, mission, goals and objectives
  • Analyzing competitors and threats
  • Supporting product/service portfolios
  • Innovation for market domination
  • Leveraging financial ratios
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Applying value layers of IT
  • Business strategy framework
  • Business information frameworks: applications, technology and service
  • Identifying future initiatives and follow-on projects
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Goals, performance indicators and the balanced scorecards
  • IT strategic competencies
  • Operations strategy and methods
  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Just-in-time (JIT)
  • Underlying logistics assumptions
  • Critical success factors (CSF) for change efforts
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Vertical Restraints
  • Priorities and trade-offs
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

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