Security is at the core of everything we do for your community

Condo owners (board of directors) can make decision how to assign the permissions to access the resident data. Security staff often access the application within the READ ONLY mode while the property management staff may have the FULL permission as an administrator. A user with the full permission can add, delete, modify, import, export and query.

iPuzzlebiz provides real-time security logs data related to all the logins into the application including the Timestamp, IP and User ID.

The secure photo ID App is also empowered by a search functionality that makes a combination of any type of resident data criteria to be mixed in order to find desired search results in no time!


Contact to schedule a demonstration of your community website empowered by life style photo galleries, resident message board, community news, registration forms, newsletters, chat, visitor tally, rules and emergency info, concierge and property management contacts, etc.

No downloads and no software to install

Photo ID with enhanced security features and intranet community capabilities integrated within on-demand web services.

Hosting is supported by, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWWW).




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