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What We Do

At iPuzzlebiz, we specialize in offering and rolling out turnkey technology transformation or transition solutions as well as IT licensing, equipment leasing and financing. We also help you deploy the best business intelligence and cost transparency solutions available on the market today.

Whether you need a basic, self-contained small data center solution or premium architecture with a larger footprint, we will give you an estimate for your pay-as-you-grow data center infrastructure solution and will provide you with a price, value, and performance estimate, including a budgetary price.


1. Active Learning
2. Information, Immediacy and Transparency
3. Peer Research
4. Requirements Definition
5. Continuous Evaluation
6. Purchase
7. Maintenance and Upgrade.

Our extensive catalog of technology items feature state-of-the-art products from internationally recognized companies. Our consulting services provide our clients with the ability to understand the complexities of the product offerings and how to adapt them to their own business environment.

IT leasing – for greater flexibility

Companies who would like to finance IT equipment often also need regular maintenance and/or recurring services. iPuzzlebiz will enable you to pay for financing and service in one total payment. For this you will continue to conclude two part contract.

  • Part I: A leasing contract with our lease finance provider and
  • Part II: A service contract with iPuzzlebiz
  • Benefits includes:

    • Pay only one installment for equipment and services and receive everything from iPuzzlebiz as a single source.
    • Regular updates and maintenance will increase your operational reliability

    Against this backdrop, iPuzzlebiz offers the following:

    • Straightforward approach and rapid results
    • Local and personal advice and assistance
    • Pricing and products tailored to customer needs

Technical Expertise and Experience

Let's ipuzzlebiz with Hosted, On premise and In the cloud technologies! Our partners develop, market and service pioneering solutions that enhance iPuzzlebiz’ core financial advisor technology product, consultation and service offerings of IT.
  • Professional contents for your B2B purchasing decisions and service-level agreements (SLA)
  • IT outsourcing contract negotiation including IteS and BPO consultation
  • Technology transition consulting empowered by SOA and transformation by BPM strategies
  • Technology change management consultation for professional services automation
  • Technology finance and equipment leasing opportunities
  • Software license from companies such as SAP, APC by Schneider Electric, Symantec, Lenovo and more
  • Contracting services and pre-sales process consulting tailored for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

As an SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem (OE) member with additional authorization for SAP Mobile, SAP Analytics and SAP DB&T Sell Authorization, we’ve helped businesses just like yours find the right departmental or organizational solution! Please click here

To find out more about our range of SAP licensing, equipment leasing and financing solutions and services, contact

Get more from your technology investments!

You have continued to surpass being a Price-driven, Loyal, Local and Impulsive Tech Traditional Buyer. Now, It's the time to be Value-driven, Autonomous, Mobile and Research-driven.

iPuzzlebiz welcomes clients to change their business challenges into knowledge and technology solutions. The goal is to support iPuzzlebiz clients' efforts to make their business units more effective and efficient and, where required, provide services in connection with the development and implementation of technology solutions. Possibilities include agile, cloud, big data and mobility.

On-demand On-premise Integrated Business Management

Imagine the power of managing all of your business processes and data in one system over the internet, providing you complete real-time visibility of your customer and across your organization. Integrating your accounts and financial management, customer relationship management (CRM) and ecommerce, we offer a single view of the organization ensuring your people have access to the right information at the right time.

Main Benefits

  • Real-time business intelligence - personalized for every employee
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors with one integrate suite
  • 360 view of customers across sales, marketing, service and finance meaning all employees have consistent and accurate information
  • Reduces IT costs by 50%+ as there is no on-premise server to own and manage
  • Save valuable time with automatic upgrades, ensuring you are on the latest version and means you never have to go through the pain of upgrading again
  • Access critical business information anytime, anywhere via a web browser or mobile device

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