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At iPuzzlebiz, we specialize in offering and rolling out turnkey solutions as well as IT licensing, equipment leasing and financing. We also help you deploy the best business intelligence and cost transparency solutions available on the market today.

Business Intelligence (BI) stays on top of everything and is the most strategic component of organizations IT systems. While many companies want the latest technology, it is clear it comes at a price. This has lead to increasing competition from specialist IT finance companies, and new financing methods are emerging as a result. By applying for an assessment in iPuzzlebiz you should be able to get the terms and conditions that are right for your company.



 Software License, Technology Finance and IT Equipment Leasing

iPuzzlebiz combines technology expertise and strategy capabilities. We and our partners will help line of business (LOB) heads streamline business core processes and the trends of front-office events.

Let your vision become a business reality!

From analysis to implementation, we’ll be with you at every turn – so you won’t ever have to take your eyes off your business. The IT licensing, equipment leasing and financing services provided by iPuzzlebiz increase business agility and promote business growth based on risk sharing. Therefore, the solutions offered by iPuzzlebiz partner advisor program lead to an optimization of business management capital, transforming investment (capex) into variable operating costs.

Protect your investment!

Work with a reliable partner who understand the special requirements of small and mid-sized enterprises in terms of financing. Therefore, we have developed tailored solutions that can only be found at iPuzzlebiz. Customers who would like to finance equipment such as telecom instead or IT equipment often also need regular maintenance and/or recurring services.  

Financing options that enable a total solution for your company!

SAP licenses:
Unlock the power of SAP's portfolio of software, technologies, and cloud solutions – with strategic IT consulting from iPuzzlebiz.

As an SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem (OE) member with additional authorization for SAP Mobile, SAP Analytics and SAP DB&T Sell Authorization, we’ve helped businesses just like yours find the right departmental or organizational solution.

iPuzzlebiz will enable you to pay for financing and service in one total payment.
For this you will continue to conclude two contracts:

  • a leasing contract with our partner and
  • a service contract with iPuzzlebiz

Benefits includes:

  • Pay only one installment for equipment and services and receive everything from iPuzzlebiz as a single source.
  • Regular updates and maintenance will increase your operational reliability

Against this backdrop, iPuzzlebiz offers the following:

  • Straightforward approach and rapid results
  • Local and personal advice and assistance
  • Pricing and products tailored to customer needs

A regional presence and personal service for customers and partners remain key aspect of our business. We believe it is crucial that all transactions are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders. This provides the platform for successful and enduring partnerships.

To find out more about our range of IT licensing, equipment leasing and financing solutions and services, contact

About the Math Roots of Business Intelligence Formulas
- A path through part of the forest of mathematics

A path that has delighted mathematicians many times - and has surprised them as well. For example the innovation of Analytical Engine using punched cards by English mathematician and computer pioneer Charles Babbage. In classical mathematics, analytic geometry, also known as coordinate geometry, or Cartesian geometry, is the study of geometry using a coordinate system. This contrasts with synthetic geometry. To start with understanding the geometric solutions of quadratic and cubic equations, we will bring with us the question: What are square roots? We will find what is one of the oldest written mathematical proofs, still very much alive, right along side some new results never before published.

These proofs will be combined to solve quadratic equations by "completing the square" - a real square. These in turn will lead to conic sections and cube roots and culminating in the beautiful general method from Omar Khayyam*, the Persian geometer, philosopher, poet, which can be used to find all the real roots of cubic equations. Along the way mathematicians clearly see some of the ancestral forms of the modern Cartesian coordinates and analytic geometry. This path passes through ideas which are very much alive and which have something to say to our modern technological, increasingly numerical, world!

Driving your business without insight from trusted data means your decisions are undoubtedly reliant on a patchwork of spreadsheets, or worse, on gut instinct. It can feel like driving in the dark without headlights. Considering the importance of business intelligence in today’s competitive climate and the number of BI tools, integration points and user requirements – choosing the right solution can seem daunting.

Having a trusted partner guide you can make all the difference. Ask us how to get started with the SAP Business Intelligence Adoption rapid-deployment solution today! Click here for a list of prerequisites

Serving You Effectively is Our Top Priority

We work closely with you to determine your needs, then collaborate with your team to define and map your processes. Our partner program advisor joint effort delivers world-class projects that makes a bottom-line difference. We partner with you to improve your company's IT service design, management efficiency, productivity and IT contract's bottom line.

* Unveiling of the statue of Omar Khayyam at the American University of Oklahoma - 2016

Head of the School of International Studies , University of Oklahoma expressed her concern about the Omar Khayyam statue as a symbol of building bridges between communities and cultures and a sign of the spirit of friendship and mutual understanding between countries and cultures and the president of the university mentioned that this statue will remind students of the university for years , decades and centuries, the importance of the role they ought to play in communities worldwide. Our BI consulting team is impressed and would like to congratulate the American University of Oklahoma for making such an intelligent decision, right here at

Procurement and Contract Management - The Role of Art & Science

Procurement, outsourcing and contract management are undergoing radical transformation in many organizations.

In contrast to the support role they traditionally occupied, these functions are increasingly seen as central to the organization’s ability to achieve its business goals, meet financial targets and achieve successful innovation.

Reflecting this, new approaches to procurement, outsourcing and contract management are emerging, in which advanced skills and expertise are combined with state of the art technologies and new business models, to deliver high levels of value to the organization through the purchase of materials, services and expertise.


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Licensing IT Cost Transparency - Technology Business Management (TBM council - click here)

Technology Finance & Leasing: It’s Not Only Your Lease That Could Matter (and how to make sure that it is)

iPuzzlebiz will consult with you to determine your IT cost transparency requirements and to configure solutions that are specifically tailored for your challenges - ideal for companies and organizations with more than $20 million of enterprise spending on all key areas of IT portfolio per year - including key industry, infrastructure, applications and outsourcing measures.

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