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When your employees feel safe, secure, and supported they take better care of your customers and your company. Let us help you get there to ensure compliance with corporate COVID protocols. The social distancing device empowered by active distancing alert and monitoring sensor product saves you time and money by simplifying social distance management, and employee safety to see a greater ROI on your biggest asset: your people.


Social Distance Management Live Demo
10% of each purchase is donated in support of healthcare workers

Social Distancing Device Sensor

Thursday, October 22nd 2020

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Social Distance Management Live Demo

All your social distance management and location analytics questions to be answered during live demo! Step-by-step diagram, Gantt chart, and checklists may apply for the product activation process.

A comprehensive industrial workplace analytics & social distancing solution including integrated maintenance planning and condition monitoring trends empowered by artificial intelligence
Social Distancing Management Demo

Health & Safety is at the core of everything we do to fight the contagious COVID-19 and provide a great experience with ADAM and wearable contact tracing during pandemic - Ask for a live demo today and learn about one of the most effective solutions available for the COVID compliance specialists!
Smart Dashboard

Access accurate employee and customer insights whenever you need them with real-time reports that are easy to understand , analyze and act upon.



Let us increase your ability to cope and gain resilience during pandemic. Be up and running quickly with our portable, plug & play system. Get your organization up to speed with our self-training, artificial intelligence algorithms.

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