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iPuzzlebiz is dedicated to raising awareness for the role of IT in environment and sharing knowledge on issues related to responsible and inclusive business. We run a full calendar of events, including meetings, workshops, webinars and conferences.

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Includes benefits of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program with Websphere Starter Package

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Sunday, October 13th 2019

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Our event inquiry form is used by the partner solution advisor support team to have a well-detailed information regarding your inquiries for our events, these are used in order to have a successful event.

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Reports, eBooks, Guides, Whitepapers, Infographics, Articles ...

Ask for your SAP® Concur® Test Drive user ID and Password

The new eSignature, Leasing made Simple, All about the Master Lease Agreement ...

We're there for you. We pride ourselves in offering personal, or face-to-face, advice and assistance in delivering the solutions that reflect your current and future business requirements.

SAP® BI, Mobile, Analytics, Database & Technology License set ...

SAP License Sell, Standard and Enterprise Support and Maintenance, Cloud ...

Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Integration, Hybrid-cloud SOA, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), High performance JMS Messaging, Enterprise Application Integration, Peer-peer, Event-driven architecture, Microservices Architecture, API Management ...

Fiorano® Free Technical Demonstrations with options to buy Perpetual Licensing, Annual Subscription and/or Enterprise License

NetSuite® SuiteSuccess® License set

Demonstrations on how to get up and running quickly with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs

Lenovo® and IBM® hyperconverged solutions

iPuzzlebiz gives organizations the option to lease virtually any product, from computers to software and servers, at rates and terms that will work for you.

Power, Cooling Solutions, Racks, Accessories & Power Distribution, Security & Environmental Monitoring, Prefabricated Data Center Modules, Data Center Software ...

iPuzzlebiz gives organizations the option to lease virtually any product, from computers to software and servers, at rates and terms that will work for you.

Partnership opportunities with our SaaS and Cloud Vendor Partners

Whether your goal is a simple app to enhance labor work communications or a full blown top-notch technology purchase strategy for your high tech company, iPuzzlebiz is committed to deliver the ongoing support, finance, software and hardware you need to make the most of what our partner solutions advisor support team has to offer.


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