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I hope you and your team are staying safe and remain healthy. You should have already being informed how important is the pandemic planning as part of an overall human resources resilience strategy these days!

I know this year has brought on many changes and required businesses everywhere to adapt, pivot, and make difficult decisions. That’s why our partner solution advisor support want to provide you with helpful solutions for your health and safety including the best social distancing device available in the market and to share with your community. Every executive can see continued demand for working remotely and they anticipate demand will continue into the fall and beyond as schools implement their reopening plans and work from home policies remain in place for many.

While the vast majority of companies continue to work from home, our partners such as FastSensor a California-based high-tech company has invested heavily to ensure those who have to go to work have the technology they need to stay safe and to serve you. Our partner solution advisor support continue to expand the line cards to provide the newest technology offerings and innovative solutions that cross traditional lines, such as active distance alert and monitoring sensors and facility-wide occupancy tracking for offices and retailers. Our teams can help you navigate the complexities of transmitting and storing this data while complying with privacy and security laws.

I would like to introduce you the 1st AI-powered experience tracking product from FastSensor for indoor space where social distancing is important for health and safety. The product is designed for social distancing and contact tracing for offices to allow us all to get back to work.

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Thursday, October 1st 2020

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Social Distance Management Live Demo

This product works best for factory, warehouse, logistics, distribution and also some offices (HQ) with employee contact tracing. Active Distance Alert and Monitoring (ADAM) gives you up-to-the-moment data on the proximity & concentration (not just capacity) of everyone at your location using real-time, non-PII tracking of personal devices, allowing you to create a distance-friendly environment in today's new normal.

I am pleased to announce a new addition to FastSensor's groundbreaking suite of ADAM Solutions. Now, as the re-opening process continues, it’s more critical than ever to ensure a safer, more secure workplace. FastSensor expanded ADAM Solutions (Active Distance Alert and Monitoring) from a public solution to also support contact tracing and wearables for employees.

The waterproof, wearable wristband device (FS-844W), provides an advanced contact tracing solution that senses proximity violations in real-time, notifying parties with a subtle yet unmistakable vibrating buzz. When paired with the AI-powered sensors, they unleash a host of capabilities beyond advanced contact tracing and employee social distancing alerts
Let us increase our ability to cope and gain resilience. Be up and running quickly with our portable, plug & play system. Get your organization up to speed with our self-training, artificial intelligence algorithms.

We provide you with the physical sensors and software tools to collect and analyze non-personal, privacy-emphasized signals sent from cell phone devices to provide valuable information related to customer journey, employee safety, and social distancing, all designed to allow you to better optimize your business.

Access accurate customer insights whenever you need them with real-time reports that are easy to understand , analyze and act upon.

  • Get back to business quickly and responsibly!
  • Keep your employees, customers and business safe with real-time, internal alerts
  • Increase employee safety using a wearable that provides haptic feedback that alerts individuals of proximity violations in real-time.
  • Simple setup, plug & play, connectivity included (Solution doesn’t touch your network / no IT risk)
  • GDPR, CCPA, globally Privacy Policy compliant
In case you are wondering about the investment ROI post Covid-19, you should see how the behavioral analytics measurements are used in businesses like yours. Truly amazing technology.

ADAM technology with 7 million track devices and 2 billion customer journeys, is a real-time social distancing insight product. ADAM is an affordable solution also paired with wearable contact tracing devices! The price is based on square footage, and/or number of employees.

I was also pleased to see they are offering 10% of the Gross Revenue for donation to front line healthcare workers and organizations. In addition, they are heavily discounting the pricing to support this global effort.

Make the health of your employees and customers your top priority and reduce your legal liability with active social-distance monitoring that is globally privacy policy compliant.

Getting started is easy, I can arrange an introduction for you. Just drop me a line at our website or send me an email to get you started with a free demonstration! Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your feedback and support. I am dedicated to supporting you and your business. Please email me at

Thank you for your continued trust in us. Stay well and safe!
Ali Vosough-Rad
Principal Consultant

Social Distance Management Live Demo

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